Core News Sessions #7 – DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records – raggacore and breakcore

Time for a new Core News Session. With Core News Sessions #7 I have the honor of presenting you a wicked mix by DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records. The mix consists of sweet raggacore and breakcore tunes that makes you want to put on those old raving shoes. It has been some time since I last listened to this kind of music, but I really enjoyed this mix.
Parasite also runs the music shop where I have shopped records many times. In addition to releasing this mix today it is Parasites birthday. Happy birthday Parasite!

Here is what Parasite got to say about this mix:
“This DJ Mix goes out to all the followers of the Core who keep the scene alive & kicking. It’s about straight-up love of fresh & innovative music and the passion to share these sounds with you. Some of the artists featured in this mix are well known, but some you’ve may have never heard of. They span the globe, and are all making music for the love of it! So if you like what you hear, please support these artists, buy their music, go to their gigs and tell your friends…it’s the only way the scene will evolve.
– DJ Parasite (”

Core News Sessions #7 – DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records – raggacore and breakcore by Core News on Mixcloud

Core News Sessions #7 - DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records
01. Candlestickmaker – Don’t Worry About Me
02. The DSC – Herbalist (Deathsucker/Life4Land)
03. Fujiko Meijin – NONONONO [Rattan Child Remix] (Node)
04. Fujiko Meijin – The Narita Mountain (Node)
05. Fujiko Meijin – Person of Midsummer Destruction (Node)
06. Herv – At the Moment of Commitment, the Universe Conspires to Assit You (Cock Rock Disco)
07. Shitmat – Dread Meat (Wrong Music)
08. FFF – Sensation (Murder Channel)
09. Axewound – What’s Wrong Dub ft. YT (Amental)
10. FFF – The Power (Murder Channel)
11. Carl Brown – Jungle Lord (Amental)
12. Dr…um – Get The Fuck Up (Amental)
13. Candlestickmaker – 107049
14. FFF – Own [Newk remix] (Murder Channel)
15. Ruby My Dear – Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
16. Herv – A Hare’s Rush (Cock Rock Disco)
17. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
18. Gizmode – 6000000 Waye to Dye Corduroy (Marionette)
19. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
20. Graz – Huffing Gasoline ft. The H8rs (Fukdup / Reactionary)
21. Venetian Snares – Ultraviolent Junglist (Timesig)
22. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
23. Dev/Null – Zombie Sunset (Cock Rock Disco)
24. Ruby My Dear – So What (Peace Off)
25. Ruby My Dear – Fire Bumbaka (Peace Off)
26. Carl Brown – tesco Value Gabba II

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DJ WOO – Raske Rytmer – breakcore and experimental mix

DJ WOO is one of my favorite Norwegian DJs (might even be my number 1) as he spins the types of music I love, dubstep, breakcore, jungle, old school and drum&bass. The first time I saw him was in Bergen where he played the same night as Kid 606. WOO totally blew me away when he played my fave track at the moment; Aaron Spectre – Look Out Fi Liar.
Here is a mix from him that he made for the club concept Raske Rytmer (Fast Rythms) that was supposed to be released on Healthy Boy. It consists mainly of unreleased breakcore and similar music from artists that he has played with the last few years. Lots of cool stuff in this mix including tracks from Kamerat Tord, Donna Summer, DJ C, Aaron Spectre, Ars Dada and many more. DJ WOO has promised to make an exclusive mix for Core News which I’m looking forward to!!
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DJ WOO – Raske Rytmer – breakcore and experimental mix [Soundcloud]

01 Gocab – drone 01.2 00.00
02 Vestige – Advanced Thought Bacteria 02.06
03 Larvae – An Elegant Weapon 05.46
04 DJ C – It Dat(Ft. Wayne&Wax, Dami D, and Wasp) 10.04
05 HOH – Lovebreak (DJ WOO Remix) 13.47
06 Chevron – Punjab Airways 16.47
07 DJ WOO – Funk4 without Athana 19.57
08 Nes – Softbitch 20.19
09 Aaron Spectre – Ruiner (2001 Wreckstep Bootleg Mix) 22.40
10 Thermal – What I Got 26.22
11 id Submerged – Ex Game 27.43
12 id Submerged – Hexabit 28.39
13 Stonxy Blot Proxy – Grisbit2 29.09
14 Kamerat Tord – Flame Bait 30.15
15 U-TeQ – AshTaGakk 32.42
16 Kamerat Tord – Frollic 35.28
17 Stonxy Blot Proxy – Cheez02 38.25
18 id Submerged – Unknown 39.46
19 id Submerged – Regrets 40.14
20 Karl Marx Stadt – ByeByeFuture777 (rawdub) 40.25
21 Automat.Piss.Tool. – Drugs On Porridge 43.49
22 Automat.Piss.Tool. – Healthy Toys 45.11
23 Ars Dada – Butcher 45.30
24 Nes – Vekk 47.51
25 Gromov – Breaks Not Bombs (Mi Food) 48.41
26 DJ Donna Summer – I Got Ya 53.06
DJ C – Hear=D+Beat
Ars Dada – Christiania
27 Wipthrash – Phantom Fury (DJ WOO Recut) 56.46
28 Stonxy Blot Proxy – I Balja 57.30
DJ WOO – MS Loop 3.3
29 Gocab – drone 01.3 61.00
30 Company Fuck – Original Criminal 63.26

Goatlab Radio September 2009 with Parasite & Dan Gusset

The Goatlab Radio show is back with a Septmber 2009 addition. The hosts are Parasite and Dan Gusset, and they give us lots of nice tracks, from dubstep to breakcore, including one from my good friend Kamerat Tord.
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Goatlab Radio September 2009 with Parasite & Dan Gusset [Direct download]

Milanese vs Run DMC – Cold Adidas (Bun-E) [rar download link]
T-Toe – Big Girls (Ideation)
Gusset – Databent UrbEx (Weft)
Michael J Rocks – Stop Breaking My ARP (Ninja Columbo ZoMbfree)
Pidgin – Crash (Dub)
Monster Zoku Onsomb! – Children of the Atom [Mirra & Fay remix] (Death$ucker)
Sneaky – Open House (Big Chill)
Propa Tingz ft Dakini – Babylons Scared (Freaks of Nature)
Gasman – Cliq (Centrefuge)
Sine Hacker – Consequence (Weft)
Sunken Foal – A Beard of Mercury Switches (Relay)
Kamerat Tord – The Billow Maidens (Death$ucker)
Seekae – Crooks (Ideation)
Endah – Your Soul is Mine (Ninja Columbo ZoMbfree)

What happened to breakcore? [Core News Comment]

A couple of years ago breakcore was my favorite genre that I couldn’t stop listening to. Breakcore felt fresh, it was full of energy and was even a tad original. I loved checking out the latest Venetian Snares album, everything from the Death$ucker label and could dance my ass off if breakcore was played out in clubs.

But recently I hardly ever listen to breakcore. When a track comes on my mp3-player I just skip it and the thought of dancing to breakcore sounds stressful.

I don’t think I’m the only one with a lack of interest in breakcore. Lots of producers and labels have turned their focus elsewhere and I hardly ever see the music being played in clubs.

Why have there been such a downturn for the core?
There are a few highly skilled artists who manage to churn out good breakcore tunes, but at the height of the “breakcore era” we saw tons of bedroom artists emerging. This was great and all, but for some reason I got really bored with breakcore at this time. Even the big artists couldn’t get my start nodding. To me it seemed like breakcore had totally stalled and becoming bit of a parody of itself.
At the same time I had fallen deeply in love with dubstep and I find that dubstep has a much broader sound spectrum compared to the narrower spectrum in breakcore. This keep the dubstep sound fresh even after the genre has matured, while breakcore rehashes the same old sound with little variation.
To me breakcore has a bleak future, but it would be cool if it developed into something else..

What do you think about the state of breakcore?
Please leave your musings in the comment field below, and links to potential breakcore that might be interesting 🙂

-Thomas of Core News

Kamerat Tord live at The Regime in Brighton, UK – Norwegian breakcore massive!

My good friend Kamerat Tord and Ars Dada was on a tour in Europe earlier this year where they spread good Norwegian breakcore vibrations to the masses. Here is the set that Kamerat Tord played at The Regime in Brighton, UK April 3rd 2009. The set consists out of both old and new wicked breakcore (not sure if he himself would call them breakcore) tracks. Look out for a release later this year by Kamerat Tord on the mighty Death$ucker Records.
You can get more information about Kamerat Tord on his myspace and homepage, and check out older sets here and here.
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Kamerat Tord live at The Regime in Brighton, UK [Hotfile mirror]

01. Papal Witchcraft
02. Kerbala
03. Mesh Norberg
04. Ganymedes
05. The Billow Maidens
06. Rael
07. Red Jihad
08. Jeebus
09. Magma
10. Stampede
11. Loona
12. Gauge
13. Royal Swing
14. Raveskipper
15. Morans

Venetian Snares – Live at STRP Festival in Eindhoven 04-04-2009 – breakcore massive

The breakcore don Venetian Snares played at the STRP Festival in Eindhoven (Netherlands) 04-04-2009. The mix contains wild breakcore/acid nastiness that make you wanna move.
No tracklist for this one, but sounds like it is new and old tracks made by himself. Please leave a comment if you got a clue about the tracklist.
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Venetian Snares – Live at STRP Festival, Eindhoven [Filesonic download]

Via the Grindthieves blog.

Parasite – Battlegrounds Ravecore Mini Mix – breakcore

Also check out the Core News Session that Parasite did for this blog.
Parasite of Death$ucker Records has made a short mix promoting a Wrong music event. Some nice breakcore in this mix!
My good mate Kamerat Tord got two tunes in this mix and he will soon have a wicked record out on Death$ucker Records.

Parasite – Battlegrounds Ravecore Mini Mix

1. Parasite – Now Get iLL (dub)
2. The Teknoist – Richie Loves Breakcore (Death$ucker)
3. Kolakid – Can’t Hide Your Love (dub)
4. Shitmat – Invibible Hardcore (Death$ucker)
5. Kamerat Tord – Raveskipper (Death$ucker)
6. Kamerat Tord – Morans (Death$ucker)
7. Krumble – Autobahn (Death$ucker)
8. Psilodump – Drop (Hand Baked Records)
9. Graz – Ibiza Amen Massacre (dub)
10. Foxdye – Tacompton MDMA Booty Bang (Fukdup)
11. Gizmode – TechSik Duncehall (Death$ucker) / Krumble – Sugar Paradise (Death$ucker)
12. Foxdye – Tigercore (Heartcore Records)

Two mixes from Tale Twist – dubstep and breakcore mixes

Tale Twist sent me two mixes that he has done. The first is a dubstep mix and the second one contains more breakcore with other genres mixed in.
You can follow Tale Twist on Twitter and check out his cool T-shirt production.
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Tale Twist – Jumpy Rabbit dubstep mix [Hotfile download]

1.dat politics – wow signal
2.FSTZ_GHOSTHUNTER_Honcho`s Rmx_Dubf
3.vex’d – killing floor
4.raffertie – antisocial
5.reso – onslaught
6.reso – climbing the walls
7.raffertie – getting sicker by the day
8.low limits – where u being
9.wyllie – off the radar
10.drumattic twins – dont be so drumattic
11.drumattic twins – pumped up funk
12.underworld (plump djs remix) – born sloppy
13.ladytron-predict_the_day (unknown)
15.nasenbluten – fuck my sister
16.ave maria – battery

Tale Twist – Breakcore mix [Rapidshare download]

1. Igo – splashman
2. Zha Fuxi – pong ting qiusi
3. Radiohead – Healthier(?)
4. Amon Tobin – night life
5. Jason Forest – sounds new and fitter
6. Opus – classical
7. Funny laughs (remixed)
8. Killjoy – nanny’s dead now
9. Mainstream – getting rid of arseholes
10. Budist monchs choral
11. Brotherhood of the drill + mc proteus – watch your self
12. Venetian snares – Hajnal
13. Spitting Vitrol – nighmare
14. Panacea – King of the jungle
15. Indian vocals
16. End.user – switch
17. Bangelis – Romeo
18. Russian avantgarde punk(unknown)
19. n3ko vs Nopsys – untitled
20. Hitlers speech processed
21. Vic Mizzy – one, two, three tombstones
22. Bastard united – bass error
23. Fantomas – suspended animation (remixed)
24. Drumcorps & Animosity – mobs over rob me
25. Erruer – chernobile
26. Fergie – My humps(remixed)

Crusader – On-Line Raggacore Consultation mix

Here is a massive raggacore mix by Crusader (a DJ hailing from Ukraine). By massive I mean really massive as the mix consists of two hours packed with wicked raggacore tunes from the likes of Venetian Snares, Bong-Ra, Cardopusher and many more.

Crusader – On-Line Raggacore Consultation

1. Dr. Bastardo – Dubplate Assault [Peace Off]
2. Krumble – Time To Burn [Death$ucker Records]
3. Stivs – I Ain’t Working No More [Death$ucker Records]
4. Amboss – ??? [kool.POP]
5. Machine Girl – It [Ad Noiseam]
6. DJ Floorclearer – Gothmog [Proboscus]
7. The Teknoist – Have You Seen [Ad Noiseam]
8. Line 47 – Thousand Year Descent (Into Ruffness) [Alphacut Records]
9. Venetian Snares – Integraation [Planet Mu]
10. Bong Ra – Nomina Nuda Tenemus [Zhark]
11. Electric Kettle – Curiosity Skills Foxes [Peace Off]
12. Pisstank – Punching Your Girlfriend’s Cunt ‘Til It Bleeds [Death$ucker Records]
13. Alan Titmash – Sexy Fart [Blunt Force Trauma]
14. Math Head – Bonafidekilla (Aaron Spectre Mix) [Reduced Phat]
15. Animosity & Drumcorps – Thin Retro God [Man Alive Recordings]
16. J-Chot Capt Lou Albano Is An Acting Genius [Kamikaze Club]
17. Istari Lasterfahrer – Kill A Groove [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
18. Mochipet – Laffy-Taffy [Peace Off]
19. Droon – Hold The West In Hand [Wood]
>>Phone Call Silence
20. Shitmat – His Dad Is A Maltese, His Mom Is A Malti-Poo [Ad Noiseam]
21. Droon – Cripplefight (Original) [Wood]
22. Amph – Mambo Mind [Mutant Sniper]
23. Zombieflesheater – Why Not [Sonic Belligeranza]
24. Kos + Raw & Uncut Babilon Life [Intellectual Violence]
25. Drop The Lime – Melting [Mirex]
26. DJ /rupture Ruptch – “A_ttak (Rotator Descarriada Remix) [Broklyn Beats]
27. Teknoist, The & Scheme Boy Leppers On Garys [Bang A Rang]
28. Cardopusher- Fighters Unite [Brothers In Blood]
29. Made In Made & 25Segments – Canta Per Me [Allergy Records]
30. Rotator – Black Flag [Peace Off]
31. Drumcorps – Down [Cock Rock Disco]
32. Flashbulb – Lawn Wake I [Sublight Records]
33. Venetian Snares – Die Winnipeg die die die Fuckers Die [Bang a Rang]
34. Shatterbreak – Stygian Storm Chamber [Thac0]
35. Acrnym – Sexx Pimp [Death$ucker Records]
36. Duran Duran Duran – Hairmetal [Mutant Sniper]
37. Sickboy – Kamidiskee [Peace Off]
38. Shen – Trust One [Homicide]
39. Krumble – Hoarse Fire [Damage]
40. Rotator-Make it Ruff [Drosstik]
41. AAAAA – S.M.V. [Kamikaze Club]
42. Ozzy Ozwald – Ultra Violent Korova [Kamikaze Club]
43. Johnny Clash – Movement [Death$ucker Records]
44. Cardopusher – Hot Fun In The Summertime [Wood]
45. Cardopusher – I’m Going To Rave Your Ass Up Like An Accident [Peace Off]
46. Death Storm – ??? [Fathme Records]

C64 – Delayed Reaction – Free breakcore mix on Peace Off records

A bit late, but here is the latest free mix from Peace Off records. It is made by one of my fave DJs, C64, and the mix is called Delayed Reaction.
The mix contains tons of sweet breakcore tunes! Recommended!
Also look out for a review of the C64 mix CD Lowest Moments soon to come on this blog.

C64 – Delayed Reaction [Download]

01. Teknoist – Unheard Voices (version 1 dubplate)
02. Enduser – Switch (Ad Noiseam)
03. DevNull – Shards of Rhythm (Dross:tik)
04. HellFish – Rip The Cut (Deathchant)
05. Electromeca – Competition (Death$ucker)
06. Electric Kettle When Kettle Meets Meca (Electromeca Rmx) (Peace Off)
07. Kovert – untitled (Sonic Belligeranza)
08. Istari Lasterfahrer – Teach Dem (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
09. Parallel – Til The Day Falls (Bee)
10. B-Key – Outcry (Outbreak)
11. Nine Inch Nails – Physical (Nothing)
12. Amit – Swastika (Commercial Suicide)
13. Xanopticon – 4 Hit Points (Atomhead Secret Level Rem (Atom rmx) (Thac0)
14. Timberland – The Way I Are (Interscope)
15. Electromeca – Brutal Funk (Deathsucker)
16. The KLF – What Time Is Love? (Techno Gate Mix) (Wax Trax / KLF Communications)
17. Ricky Force – Headz (unreleased)
18. Parallel – Attack of the Mutant Sheep (Bee)
19. MonsterX – Mc Eater (Mutant Sniper)
20. Cardopusher – Plastic People (Wood)
21. Davros – Invasion Of The Pescatons (Noizetek)
22. Devnull – Big Boring Bass (Deathsucker / CockRockDisco)
23. Gorf – Throwthatlastbitdowninthere (unreleased)
24. Public Enemy – Hazy Shade Of Criminal (Def Jam)
25. Rotator – Owley Ole Junkyard Remix (Sickboy original) (Kamikaze Club)
26. Droon – Fuck The Underground (Zero71)
27. Venetian Snares – Sporto Fucking Sellout Cocksuckerfa (Sublight)
28. DuranDuranDuran – Throat Yogurt (Mutant Sniper)
29. FFF – Coming Hardcore (Zero71)
30. Rotator – Untouchables (Peace Off)
31. Doshy – Ditchkiller (unreleased)
32. Scheme Boy – Section 20 (Dolphin’s Glad To See The Back Of It Remix) (Ninja Columbo)
33. Xanopticon – Lockjaw (Zhark)
34. Ween – The Golden Eel (Mushroom / Elektra)
35. Mirra – Happy 22 (unreleased)
36. Ministry – So What (Sire)
37. Burial – Archangel (Hyperdub)
38. Breakage – Untitled (Bassbin)
39. Soulfly – Tribe (Fuck Shit Up Mix) (Roadrunner)
40. Rage Against The Machine – Know Your Enemy (Epic)
41. Maladroit – Amen Motherfucker (Hong Kong Violence)
42. Acrnym – Sexx Pimp (Death$ucker)
43. Society Suckers – The End (Suburban Trash)

Subvert Punx 4 Way Split – free breakcore release on Dtrash Records by Distonn, Clip, Disbreakz and Midi Fister

Here is a free breakcore release on the record label Dtrash Records. The release is called Subvert Punx 4 Way Split and contains tracks by Distonn, Clip, Disbreakz and Midi Fister.
Pretty experimental breakcore craziness. Here is what the label got to say:
“4 punx from all over the world (Distonn/Russia vs. Clip/Belarus vs.
Midi Fister/USA vs. Disbreakz/Croatia) decided to make a record/split
featuring their vision of subversive breaks.
To spice things up, the record cover was drawn by Simon Gane, which
makes this record 100% underground.
Subvert glitchy IDM jungle breakz meet punk diy vibe. This is

Subvert Punx 4 Way Split [Download]

Subvert Punx 4 Way Split

Ars Dada Р̠gri Somnia РFree breakcore mp3 release on Cock Rock Disco

Ars Dada is out with the new Ægri Somnia mp3 release on Cock Rock Disco. Some really nice experimental breakcore (in the press release it says nu-breakcore..) tracks on this one.
I’ve seen Ars Dada a couple of times live and I’m very happy to see him getting some well deserved recognition.

Ars Dada Р̠gri Somnia

In Discordia
Dans l’obscuritée des Catacombes (La Mort Respire)
Little Princess
1) Ouverture
2) Cruor Confiteor
3) Postludium

Venetian Snares Detrimental Disco Wibble Tour – Live at The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, 12.12.08

Breakcore for the people! Here is a live set by Venetian Snares playing at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood USA, 12.12.08. It was a part of his Detrimental Disco Wibble Tour.
Thanks to the excellent Grindthieves Blog for posting this.
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Venetian Snares – Live at The Knitting Factory, Hollywood, 12.12.08 [Rapidshare download]

Sorry, no tracklisting available, but you will probably recognize many of the Snares tunes.

The Artbreaker – Suffuckation – Free breakcore / experimental mp3 release

The Artbreaker of is out with a new release called Suffuckation. The release consists of 6 highly different tracks that touches genres such as breakcore, jungle and other experimental styles. My personal fave from the release is track number 2 “Eastern Stomp Tactics”.

The Artbreaker – Suffuckation

1. Overthruster – Bravura (The Artbreaker Remix)
2. The Artbreaker – Eastern Stomp Tactics
3. The Artbreaker – For The Skinny Sister
4. The Artbreaker – Kill
5. The Artbreaker – Suffuckation
6. The Artbreaker – Gasping For Prayer