The Artbreaker

Core News Sessions #3 – Witch House mix by the Artbreaker

Finally, here is a new edition of the Core News Sessions. Session #3 comes from an old mate of mine called the Artbreaker. When I asked him to do a session I was expecting some kind of hardcore music like breakcore or ragga jungle, but to my big surprise he made a totally different mix. Artbreaker calls the music “witch house / screwgaze / drag / haunted house” which are all new styles in my ears. I would call the music a bit droney and experimental. Well worth checking out if you want to broaden your music taste! Several tracks in this mix are done by â–²NGI3 OHMA which is an alias Artbreaker uses when producing this kind of music.
Check out his bandcamp site for his music, Tumblir page for his design work and Etsy shop where Artbreaker sells his “street” art.

If you are interested in doing a Core News Session or know someone who might want some extra exposure please use the contact form to get in touch.

Core News Sessions #3 – Witch House mix by the Artbreaker by Core News on Mixcloud


01 : ▲NGI3 OHMA – Introzion
02 : wizards – Politikz ov KnightlifE
03 : Mater Suspiria Vision – Call of the Witches
04 : Salem – Skullcrush
05 : †‡† – gOth bb
06 : Salem – Dirt
07 : 5ucky0d1ckSMPL – â–²NGI3 OHMA F1XXX
08 : GR†LLGR†LL – if u cAn dR3Am – pRinc3ss3s
09 : White Ring – Roses
10 : The Big Pink – Tonight (oOoOoOo 2NITERMX)
11 : Fostercare – Heat High
12 : Pink Priest – Tell Me Something Awesome Before I Got To Sleep (Balam Acab Remix)
13 : Discovering Electronic Music ( â–²NGI3 OHMA DBLDPDFX)
14 : xix – Deep Void
15 : oOoOO – Seaww
16 : Micky Mickey Rourke – Pugsley

The Artbreaker – Suffuckation – Free breakcore / experimental mp3 release

The Artbreaker of is out with a new release called Suffuckation. The release consists of 6 highly different tracks that touches genres such as breakcore, jungle and other experimental styles. My personal fave from the release is track number 2 “Eastern Stomp Tactics”.

The Artbreaker – Suffuckation

1. Overthruster – Bravura (The Artbreaker Remix)
2. The Artbreaker – Eastern Stomp Tactics
3. The Artbreaker – For The Skinny Sister
4. The Artbreaker – Kill
5. The Artbreaker – Suffuckation
6. The Artbreaker – Gasping For Prayer