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Boxcutter – Glyphic and Frog Pocket – Come On Primates Show Your Teeth! – 2 new albums on Planet Mu

23 August, 2007 (16:00) | CD release, Dubstep, IDM, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Mike Paradinas announced yesterday that Planet Mu is releasing 2 new albums from Boxcutter and Frog Pocket. I have listened to the samples and they sound very good! Boxcutters album is entitled Glyphic and is due out on CD and vinyl October 29th. Check out samples from Glyphic here. Frog Pocket – Come On Primates […]

Duran Duran Duran – The Aktionist EP – new release out on Hirntrust Grindmedia

19 August, 2007 (20:57) | Breakcore, Gabber, Vinyl release | By: Core News

The hardworking Duran Duran Duran is out with a new one sided 7″ called The Aktionist on Hirntrust Grindmedia. Download a mp3 preview and buy it here. Press release: “Kick ass gabber breaks massacre, on this limited colored (various colors) 7inch, written and produced by philadelphia’s own DURAN DURAN DURAN and dedicated to the viennese […]

New release from Sprengstoff Records – this time a dubstep 12 inch

22 June, 2007 (00:48) | Dubstep, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Seems like every label out there is releasing dubstep. This time Sprengstoff Records is releasing a 12″ from Innasekt. Mp3 snippets: A: Structure (6.21) B: Core (4.53) “Innasekt create their own unique definition of dubstep orientated beats. The two tracks on their debut 12inch on Sprengstoff Recordings show that they favour complex arrangements with dense […]

New promo mix and release from Psychofreud

13 June, 2007 (13:17) | Drum and Bass, Jungle, MP3, Ragga, Ragga Jungle, Vinyl release | By: Core News

The Norwegian ragga jungle/drum&bass artist Psychofreud is out with a new release and promo mix. PsychoFreud(Promotional_Mix_June_2007).mp3 Tracklist 00:00 – Robert Levy “Kill any sound” dubplate 00:41 – Duckman “Who dem bwoy” dubplate 01:17 – Shott Dawg “Kingpin” dubplate 02:15 – John Holt “Kill them” dubplate 04:14 – PsychoFreud “Murda Charge” 08:51 – PsychoFreud “Come Around” […]

Two new releases from the ragga jungle label Big Cat

20 May, 2007 (21:10) | Drum and Bass, Ragga Jungle, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Big Cat has been one of my favorite ragga jungle labels, but I haven’t been following them lately. Seems like they have been very busy. Last release I bought was #7 and now #19 and #20 is released! BCR019: Big Cat #19 a. Ninja Mi Ninja (Remix) – General Malice aa. Killin’ A Soundboy – […]

New ragga jungle release: Toxic Records – Hors Series 2 – Cocojammin Production

14 May, 2007 (11:35) | Drum and Bass, Ragga Jungle, Vinyl release | By: Core News

The French ragga jungle label Toxic Records is out with a new vinyl release in their Hors Series. This time it is two tunes from the Czech producer Cocoman. Tracklist: A – COCOMAN – Everyday B – COCOMAN – Hail Him Up Jungle You can buy the record directly from the label at

First release from the Swedish label Mir Records

12 May, 2007 (01:26) | Drum and Bass, Jungle, Ragga, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Dubwise drum and bass coming out from Sweden. Sounds very sweet IMHO! Check out their myspace. Tracklist: A. Joey Fever – Love Around Her [MIR Crew RMX] B. Amaning – Jah Dread You can buy it over on Chemical Records or Red Eye Records. What the label got to say about the release: “A. JOEY […]

New dubstep release: TRG – Put You Down / Broken Heart – HES 001

7 May, 2007 (10:45) | Dubstep, MP3 Release, UK Garage, Vinyl release | By: Core News

“Check out the dubstep mixes section and subscribe to the feed to get updated about more dubstep news in the future.” The dubstep label Hessle Audio is out with their first release from a new Romanian producer called TRG. Tracklist: A Put You Down B Broken Heart You can buy the 12″ from a shop […]

Free mp3 release from Retrigger

4 May, 2007 (13:59) | Breakcore, Experimental, MP3 Release, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Check out this mp3 release from the Brazilian guy Retrigger. Jeanie and Caroline EP – Released in 2007 Tracklist: 01 – Jeanie and Caroline 02 – The soviet disco dog theme song 03 – Duck you sucker! 04 – The black lagoon + ABIN groove 05 – Ghettoblasta 64! 06 – Reckless driving is not […]

New release on Rephlex: The Tuss – Rushup Edge CAT189

2 May, 2007 (14:22) | Braindance, CD release, Electronic music, IDM, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Rumor is that this release on Rephlex is work from Aphex Twin himself.There is already an EP out called Confederation Trough EP. You can listen to the tracks on boomkat and decide yourself what to believe… Here is what warpmart got to say about the EP: “We don’t know for sure either, but it looks […]

New release: Cardopusher – Red Red Blood – DAM 12.009

27 April, 2007 (16:19) | Breakcore, Raggacore, Vinyl release | By: Core News

New 12″ from the hard working man Cardopusher on the label Damage, a sub-label of Peace Off records. “After a course of ‘pot belge’ (amphetabreaks – analgedrum – herosamples – cocaragga …) ‘El Doctor de Caracas’ gives us a transfusion of his RED RED BLOOD! Damage 12.009. An explosive cocktail for this summer full of […]

New release: Syntheme – Lov3 – WeMe #010

24 April, 2007 (20:10) | Acid, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Some new acid stuff from the label WeMe records. Syntheme – Lov3 12″ Tracklist: A1 – Gelase A2 – Okbae A3 – Arlaad B1 – Glothylu X B2 – Neyellon B3 – Eoswaal Buy it here and you can listen to 1 of the tracks on WeMe records myspace.

April newsletter from Cock Rock Disco including 2 free mp3 releases

22 April, 2007 (21:55) | Breakcore, CD release, Experimental, Mashup, MP3, Video, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Jason Forrest is bringing us the latest news from the Cock Rock Disco camp. “Hello again! It’s been ages since we sent out a newsletter, and we’re sorry to have been so slack, but we haven’t been just sitting around either! At last, Dev/Null!! Yes, after 3 years in the making, Dev/Null has finally delivered […]

New release: Prodigal Son feat Spragga Benz – FPR 009

20 April, 2007 (15:27) | Drum and Bass, Ragga Jungle, Vinyl release | By: Core News

New release on the American ragga jungle/d&b label Foul Play records. Tracklist: A: Prodigal Son – Dis A War (Feat Spragga Benz) – mp3 snippet AA: Prodigal Son – Flip The Topic (Feat NonStopKrooks D Sweez and Saga The MC) mp3 snippet “For those who have hungered for some new heat from Prodigal Son the […]

New release: Rules Of Anger – Ruff #03

18 April, 2007 (15:23) | Dubstep, Vinyl release | By: Core News

“From the hardest working camps in the scene, the third Ruff installment featuring 4 traxXx from Cardopusher, Krumble, Dj FLoorclearer & Black Ham !!! Rules Of Anger is another huge release ready to kick your bass !!! From abstract to dubstep & electro, the beats are pure fire . If you’re looking for candies, this […]