30 Minutes in Jay Nom’s Pants – happy breakcore / gabber mix

Ok, it is Saturday and time for some wild party music. Jay Nom gives us a mix with filled with crazy breakcore, hardcore and gabber(ish) tunes.
The mix is hosted by Death$ucker Records.

30 Minutes in Jay Nom’s Pants

1. Dizzee Rascal ft. Carl Harris – Dance wiv me / Tieum – Humalien Remix
2. Hellfish – Turntable Savage / Kelis, Beenie Man & T.O.K. – Trick Me Twice
3. Mr. Kill – Aerodynamit Punx / Pisstank – Bassbins
4. Rotator – Owl Ole Junkyard Remix
5. Electric Kettle – Hey You (Bomb the Bass tribute)
6. Amph ft. Cauto – Starfish
7. Rotator – Jump the F**k Up
8. Bogdan Raczynski – Alright (Track 08)
9. Skeeta – Uncontrolled Freak
10. Electromeca – Competition
11. Le Jad – Painful Epic
12. Dr. Bastardo – Rungleclaart
13. Johnny Clash – Movement

This is the fuckin hardcore – Massive mix made by Ninja Tune forum members

A gang from the Ninja Tune forum have made a massive hardcore mix with tons of breakcore, old school hardcore, gabba, rave, hip hop, and so on. The contributers have each made of 10 minutes part of 113 minute long mix.
I was a bit skeptical when I first heard about the mix, but it actually works! Made me want to rave like it was 1994.

This is the fuckin hardcore

The tracklist is enormous so here is a link to the NFO.

Duran Duran Duran – The Aktionist EP – new release out on Hirntrust Grindmedia

The hardworking Duran Duran Duran is out with a new one sided 7″ called The Aktionist on Hirntrust Grindmedia.

Duran Duran Duran - The Aktionist EP

Download a mp3 preview and buy it here.

Press release:
“Kick ass gabber breaks massacre, on this limited colored (various colors) 7inch, written
and produced by philadelphia’s
own DURAN DURAN DURAN and dedicated to
the viennese aktionist OTTO MUEHL. Cover art
by William Flegal/STUNT ROCK. Art based
on the work ‘Silberarsch’ by Otto Muehl.”

Another new free net release from Wrong Music – Nailbomb Cults – Nailbomb Tea Party Mixtape

The Wrong Crew are busy releasing new stuff. Kudos to them for keeping our ears busy!!

Their 8th release is a breakcore/gabba mixtape from Nailbomb Cults (Nailbomb Cults on myspace). Lots of bangers on this mixtape.

The download

Nailbomb Cults - Nailbomb Tea Party Mixtape

1. Warst – Mutha Fuckin Noize Show (Cock Rock Disco – White Cock 02)
2. LFO Demon – Skinhead Broke my Telephone (sprengstoff 02)
3. Dr Bastardo – Murder Rave (Proboscus Records Free MP3 Comp)
4. Helix – Toxic (Marionette Records sampler)
5. Nailbomb Cults – Mutant Brain Resource (mp3)
6. Johnny Violent – I’m Gonna Fuck You (Earache MOSH 153 CD)
6b. Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away
7. Hellfish & Producer – Toilet Wars (Deathchant 39)
8. Knifehandchop – Deinze-Gent Trainwreck (Death$ucker D$R 14.0)
9. Skee-lo – I Wish
10. Noisekick – Still Alive (TNI-Limited 002)
11. Aaron Spectre – Look out Fi Liar (Deathsucker D$R 12.0)
12. Wendy Milan – Gabberdisco (Shockwave SH-8882)
13. Wisp – Green Hill Path (Terminal Dusk TD001)
14. Noize Creator – Dying World (Suburban Trash STI019)
15. Strog – Fucked Up Limberity (Anal Terror ep – RBZH01)
16. Terrorhate – Megahead (Marionette Records Sampler)
17. H-Rock – Crunkcore Anthem (Teen Suicide – TEEN01)
17b. Cypress Hill – We Aint Going Out Like That
18. DJ Floorclearer – Strange the Giant Elephant (Death$ucker D$R 16.0)
18b. DJ Scotch Egg – Scotch Land (Adaadat – ADA0007/CD)
19. Passenger of Shit – Wank My Farting Fanny Vomit (Shitwank MP3)
20. DJ Rainbow Ejaculation – Time to Call in the Carpet Cleaning Professionals (Cock Rock Disco – Crock012)

Check out this post if you missed the seven first releases from Wrong Music.

Seven new free mp3 releases from Wrong Music

The Wrong Music site just got a new design that looks much better than the old.
They have also started a new net label called Wrong Lab and the first seven releases are already out. The releases are by Popadom Pavlova, Bunglegushcore, Ladyscraper, Ebola, DJ Cheesemaster, Political Necroshemalebob and Roger Species.

I haven’t had the time to listen to them all so can’t vouch for the quality, but I have been digging Wrong Music releases before. These releases seem to be the same kind of crazy breakcore, mashup, experimental business.

The downloads:

Ebola – Workshop of Filthy Creation
Roger Species – Play This Film Loud
Political Necroshemalebob – 8 Bit Politics
DJ Cheesemaster Tribute to NND
Bunglegushcore – Circus Circus
Ladyscraper – Blood and Semen
Popadom Pavlova – Don’t Get Ajax Rage

New free mp3 release from Cock Rock Disco: Ladyscraper – The Death Of Mary Poppins

Another great release from Cock Rock Disco. This time Ladyscraper is dishing up some hardcore vibes for us.

Press release thing:
“Our last free album by Vorpal (~the end) continues to get glowing praise and ever higher download numbers. Now, fresh on it’s heels, comes a 43 minute behemoth of an album by England’s Ladyscraper: “The Death Of Mary Poppins”. Even though that title sounds pretty fucking stupid, it sort of encapsulates the music; both brutal and good-natured, dark yet optimistic. It’s a new sort of super-dark sound with a silver lining. We’re pleased as hell with it!! We hope you all really spread the word on this one- It’s 100% free and fucking GREAT!”

Download it here.

Ladyscraper - the death of mary poppins

1 100 Year Of Chicken Thief
2 2 In The Pink 1 In The Stink
3 Nunchucker
4 Hooke
5 Amputee
6 Tuboturd (Smack Down Mix)
7 Lady And The Lulu – featuring Lulu Deluxe
8 Gang Banger
9 Too Much BSG
10 Stick

New compilation sampler from Proboscus Records

New compilation sampler coming from Wrong Musics sister label Proboscus Records.
Impressive list of contributors with tracks from Ladyscraper, Floorclearer, Autobee, Grrr, Vankmen, Shitmat, Dr Bastardo, Cardopusher, Wood Ammo, Ebola, Microphyst, Judith Priest, Toecutter, Comatone, Dolon and Sorry.

New compilation sampler from Proboscus Records

You can buy it on their site for 5£ or on iTunes.

Press release: