Core News Sessions #7 – DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records – raggacore and breakcore

Time for a new Core News Session. With Core News Sessions #7 I have the honor of presenting you a wicked mix by DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records. The mix consists of sweet raggacore and breakcore tunes that makes you want to put on those old raving shoes. It has been some time since I last listened to this kind of music, but I really enjoyed this mix.
Parasite also runs the music shop dswat.net where I have shopped records many times. In addition to releasing this mix today it is Parasites birthday. Happy birthday Parasite!

Here is what Parasite got to say about this mix:
“This DJ Mix goes out to all the followers of the Core who keep the scene alive & kicking. It’s about straight-up love of fresh & innovative music and the passion to share these sounds with you. Some of the artists featured in this mix are well known, but some you’ve may have never heard of. They span the globe, and are all making music for the love of it! So if you like what you hear, please support these artists, buy their music, go to their gigs and tell your friends…it’s the only way the scene will evolve.
– DJ Parasite (www.parasite.org.uk)”

Core News Sessions #7 – DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records – raggacore and breakcore by Core News on Mixcloud

Core News Sessions #7 - DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records
01. Candlestickmaker – Don’t Worry About Me
02. The DSC – Herbalist (Deathsucker/Life4Land)
03. Fujiko Meijin – NONONONO [Rattan Child Remix] (Node)
04. Fujiko Meijin – The Narita Mountain (Node)
05. Fujiko Meijin – Person of Midsummer Destruction (Node)
06. Herv – At the Moment of Commitment, the Universe Conspires to Assit You (Cock Rock Disco)
07. Shitmat – Dread Meat (Wrong Music)
08. FFF – Sensation (Murder Channel)
09. Axewound – What’s Wrong Dub ft. YT (Amental)
10. FFF – The Power (Murder Channel)
11. Carl Brown – Jungle Lord (Amental)
12. Dr…um – Get The Fuck Up (Amental)
13. Candlestickmaker – 107049
14. FFF – Own [Newk remix] (Murder Channel)
15. Ruby My Dear – Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
16. Herv – A Hare’s Rush (Cock Rock Disco)
17. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
18. Gizmode – 6000000 Waye to Dye Corduroy (Marionette)
19. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
20. Graz – Huffing Gasoline ft. The H8rs (Fukdup / Reactionary)
21. Venetian Snares – Ultraviolent Junglist (Timesig)
22. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
23. Dev/Null – Zombie Sunset (Cock Rock Disco)
24. Ruby My Dear – So What (Peace Off)
25. Ruby My Dear – Fire Bumbaka (Peace Off)
26. Carl Brown – tesco Value Gabba II

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Crusader – On-Line Raggacore Consultation mix

Here is a massive raggacore mix by Crusader (a DJ hailing from Ukraine). By massive I mean really massive as the mix consists of two hours packed with wicked raggacore tunes from the likes of Venetian Snares, Bong-Ra, Cardopusher and many more.

Crusader – On-Line Raggacore Consultation

1. Dr. Bastardo – Dubplate Assault [Peace Off]
2. Krumble – Time To Burn [Death$ucker Records]
3. Stivs – I Ain’t Working No More [Death$ucker Records]
4. Amboss – ??? [kool.POP]
5. Machine Girl – It [Ad Noiseam]
6. DJ Floorclearer – Gothmog [Proboscus]
7. The Teknoist – Have You Seen [Ad Noiseam]
8. Line 47 – Thousand Year Descent (Into Ruffness) [Alphacut Records]
9. Venetian Snares – Integraation [Planet Mu]
10. Bong Ra – Nomina Nuda Tenemus [Zhark]
11. Electric Kettle – Curiosity Skills Foxes [Peace Off]
12. Pisstank – Punching Your Girlfriend’s Cunt ‘Til It Bleeds [Death$ucker Records]
13. Alan Titmash – Sexy Fart [Blunt Force Trauma]
14. Math Head – Bonafidekilla (Aaron Spectre Mix) [Reduced Phat]
15. Animosity & Drumcorps – Thin Retro God [Man Alive Recordings]
16. J-Chot Capt Lou Albano Is An Acting Genius [Kamikaze Club]
17. Istari Lasterfahrer – Kill A Groove [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
18. Mochipet – Laffy-Taffy [Peace Off]
19. Droon – Hold The West In Hand [Wood]
>>Phone Call Silence
20. Shitmat – His Dad Is A Maltese, His Mom Is A Malti-Poo [Ad Noiseam]
21. Droon – Cripplefight (Original) [Wood]
22. Amph – Mambo Mind [Mutant Sniper]
23. Zombieflesheater – Why Not [Sonic Belligeranza]
24. Kos + Raw & Uncut Babilon Life [Intellectual Violence]
25. Drop The Lime – Melting [Mirex]
26. DJ /rupture Ruptch – “A_ttak (Rotator Descarriada Remix) [Broklyn Beats]
27. Teknoist, The & Scheme Boy Leppers On Garys [Bang A Rang]
28. Cardopusher- Fighters Unite [Brothers In Blood]
29. Made In Made & 25Segments – Canta Per Me [Allergy Records]
30. Rotator – Black Flag [Peace Off]
31. Drumcorps – Down [Cock Rock Disco]
32. Flashbulb – Lawn Wake I [Sublight Records]
33. Venetian Snares – Die Winnipeg die die die Fuckers Die [Bang a Rang]
34. Shatterbreak – Stygian Storm Chamber [Thac0]
35. Acrnym – Sexx Pimp [Death$ucker Records]
36. Duran Duran Duran – Hairmetal [Mutant Sniper]
37. Sickboy – Kamidiskee [Peace Off]
38. Shen – Trust One [Homicide]
39. Krumble – Hoarse Fire [Damage]
40. Rotator-Make it Ruff [Drosstik]
41. AAAAA – S.M.V. [Kamikaze Club]
42. Ozzy Ozwald – Ultra Violent Korova [Kamikaze Club]
43. Johnny Clash – Movement [Death$ucker Records]
44. Cardopusher – Hot Fun In The Summertime [Wood]
45. Cardopusher – I’m Going To Rave Your Ass Up Like An Accident [Peace Off]
46. Death Storm – ??? [Fathme Records]

2 raggacore / ragga jungle / breakcore sets from Hoonboy

Here is two older mixes from Hoonboy, one of my fave DJs. Expect massive doses of breakcore, raggacore and ragga jungle love.

Hoonboy live @ rollies4mice, thimbleberry festival 07/06/08

01. cardopusher – el pote que mece la cuna
02. dj hype – ready or not
03. rcola – pass the dutchie
04. krinjah – championmindset
05. krumble – time to burn
06. nkogliaz – soundbwoy killah
07. gromov – we are kill from
08. stivs & ed cox – slew rmx
09. general malice – shotters anthem
10. mathhead – bonafidekilla (aaron spectre rmx)
11. fat controller – in complete darkness
12. gromov – bring da noise
13. cardopusher – 25 years for murder
14. krumble – rave destruction
15. cardopusher – plastic people
16. eustachian – strongface
17. krumble – jungle flashball
18. mr kill – aerodynamit punx
19. repeater – collision repair specialist
20. rotator – dancehall devastation
21. drumcorps – down (teknoist rmx)
22. venetian snares – handthrow

Hoonboy live @ redrum, dublin 17/05/08

01. kid 606 – slammin ragga bootleg track
02. rcola – pass the dutchie
03. dj k – on a mission
04. nkogliaz – soundbwoy killah
05. krinjah – champion mindset
06. capleton – who dem
07. mathhead – bonafidekilla (aaron spectre rmx)
08. the fat controller – in complete darkness
09. deformer – heart attack
10. mochipet – botan ricecore (aaron spectre rmx)
11. hoonboys in the gusset megamix [death$ucker]
12. rotator – jump da fuck up
13. igor – ragga split
14. gromov – bring da noise
15. rotator – big booty
16. glowstyx – aethema remix
17. general malice – shotters anthem
18. pisstank – bass bins [death$ucker]
19. the panacea – panik orkestra
20. cardopusher – in the power of XTC
21. rotator – dancehall devastation
22. repeater – collision repair specialist
23. krumble – the discobreaker
24. aaron spectre feat prodigal son – say yeah
25. drumcorps – down (teknoist rmx)
26. cutty ranks – limb by limb

DJ Stivs – THE DSC – GOGO MIX O8 – ragga jungle mix

Here is a new mix from Stivs containing jungle/breakcore remixes of ragga tunes (also known as ragga jungle and raggacore 😉 ) by himself and DSC.
This week Stivs is releasing an album called Pirate Cutz on Death$ucker Records. Definitely worth checking out if you are into ragga vibes.


1- Sellassie rmx feat Murray Man- DSC
2- Its a pity rmx feat Tanya Stephens- DSC
3- Hail the king rmx feat Fantom Mojah- DSC
4- Burning an a looting rmx feat Bob Marly-DSC
5- Runaway rmx feat Gentleman- DSC
6- Pirates choice rmx feat Al Campbell- DSC
7- Ruffness rmx feat Daddy Freddy- DSC
8- Special request rmx feat Top Cat- Stivs
9- Jah is love rmx feat Sizzla- DSC
10- Spar stores feat T.O.K- Stivs
11- Dustbinmen feat Capleton + Buru Banton- Stivs
12- What cant i do feat Buju Banton + Cutty Ranks + Capleton- Stivs
13- Babylon a listen feat Sizzla- Stivs
14- Finominal 1 feat Buru Banton- Stivs
15- I aint working no more feat Mr Vegas- Stivs
16- Strangers- Stivs
17- Dem a bad feat capleton- DSC
18- Respect seen- Stivs
19- Another- Stivs
20- Sherloc dub- DSC
21- Mashstep- DSC

The Artbreaker – Warfair – Ragga Jungle & Breakcore mix

The Artbreaker is out with a new sweet mix called Warfair. Lots of new and old ragga jungle and breakcore tunes including a few tunes I’ve never heard before. Check out his blog entry about the mix.

The Artbreaker – Warfair

The Artbreaker - Warfair - Ragga Jungle & Breakcore mix
01. Jacky Murda & RCola – Junglist Outlaw (featuring Terry Ganzie)
02. Baby Demo – Bun Down Di System
03. Bro – Walking With The Dead
04. Sumone – Gimme Some Hardcore Choon
05. The Artbreaker – Sunday Mash
06. Sumone – Rhythm Machine
07. Jacky Murda & RCola – Junglist Bandelero (featuring Pinchers)
08. Bro – Badman Bunch
09. Stivs & Ed Cox – Pirates Choice Remix
10. Bad Ratio – No Sunshine (Pridon Mix)
11. Alpha Omega – Concrete Pillows
12. Bad Ratio – Distort Dem
13. Twinhooker – Badman Time
14. Bad Ratio – Bootykilla
15. Abelcain -Nameless Grave
16. Helico Bacter – Mobile Star Holder
17. Abelcain – Forsaken
18. Bad Ratio – Slippin Into Darkness

Hoonboy live at Audacious club Edinburgh 18/04/08

Another great set from Hoonboy. This time it is a recorded set from the Audacious club in Edinburgh 18/04/08. A little bit of dubstep in this one, but mostly ragga jungle/raggacore and breakcore love 🙂

Hoonboy live @ audacious club, edinburgh 18/04/08

01. vex’d – lion VIP
02. rusko – cockney thug
03. drumcorps – this time
04. rcola – pass the dutchie
05. johnny osbourne – buddy bye
06. krinjah – championmindset
07. krinjah – krinjahsuccess
08. aaron spectre – 1600 penn, ftw
09. nkogliaz – soundbwoy killah
10. igor – ragga split
11. mochipet – botan ricecore (aaron spectre mix)
12. aaron spectre & prodigal son – say yeh
13. mathhead – bonafidekilla (aaron spectre mix)
14. fat controller – in complete darkness
15. pisstank – bassbins
16. hoonboy – clowntown
17. soundbites – fiyah
18. monkey steak – big up yourself remix feat. scorpio
19. dj k – on a mission
20. parasite – 99 skanky hoes
21. krumble – ticket to grind
22. hoonboy’s in the gusset – megamix
23. rotator – jump da fuck up
24. cutty ranks – limb by limb (original ragga mix)
25. rotator – big booty
26. repeater – collision repair specialist
27. mr kill – aerodynamit punx
28. venetian snares – hand throw

Bad Ratio – Zoundz Ov Ze Apocalypze EP free release on Memory Format

Bad Ratio is out with a breakcore, metal, raggacore release on the free net label Memory Format.
If you are into the harder stuff, this release if for you.

Bad Ratio – Zoundz Ov Ze Apocalypze EP

1. No Sunshine
2. Bootykilla
3. Slippin’ Into Darkness
4. Moongod
5. Distort Dem
6. No Sunshine (Pridon remix)

Press release:
artist: Bad Ratio
cat.no: mfm06
released: 10 April 2008

Bad Ratio likes to travel. He has been in countless
places but his favourite destinations seem to be
Kingston, Oslo and London. He jumps back and forth
almost instantly from place to place. He can be found
in a sound system battle, the next moment he stands
next to a frozen northern lake and then in a UK rave
back in ‘92. Whenever he returns home, he brings lots
of souvenirs for everyone. This one is for you. Bad
Ratio says hi.

Bad Ratio’s apocalyptic EP is beefed up with a playful
remix by Pridon of Low Impedance recordings, a treat
for those who have been waiting (and waiting…)
for this release.



Recorded sets from GoatLab #6 – 15 Feb 2008

Here are some recorded sets from Goatlab rave number 6, 15th February 2008.
Stivs set is a mixture of ragga jungle and breakcore. The Doubtful Guest set is more acid, techno stuff.
Haven’t had a chance to listen to the other sets yet.

Exillon live @ Goatlab – 15 Feb 2008
The Doubtful Guest Live @ Goatlab – 15 Feb 2008
Pisstank Live @ GoatLab – 15 Feb 2008
Stivs live @ GoatLab – 15 Feb 2008
Ironside DJ set @ GoatLab – 15 Feb 2008

Sorry, no tracklists for these.

Hoonboy live at DNB Impact Cork 22/03/08

Wicked set from Hoonboy playing live at DNB Impact in Cork 22/03/08
. Lots of nice drum&bass, ragga jungle and breakcore tunes. Even a tune from my favorite new school ragga jungle producer Krinjah.

Hoonboy live at DNB Impact Cork 22/03/08

01. rusko – cockney thug
02. aaron spectre – say more fire
03. nkogliaz – soundbwoy killa
04. krinjah – krinjahsuccess
05. mathhead – bonafidekilla (aaron spectre rmx)
06. the fat controller – in complete darkness
07. mochipet – botan ricecore (aaron spectre rmx)
08. the teknoist – richie’s breakcore love song [death$ucker]
09. aaron spectre & prodigal son – say yeh
10. gromov – bring da noise
11. parasite – 99 skanky hoes [death$ucker]
12. rotator – big booty
13. repeater – collision repair specialist
14. exile – big bad purple bad boy
15. evol intent – corrupt cops (noisia rmx)
16. stivs & ed cox – slew rmx [death$ucker]
17. krumble – ticket to grind
18. rotator – jump da fuck up

Inky – Outer The Office – Ragga Jungle / Drum & Bass mix

Inky have made an excellent ragga jungle/ drum & bass mix with a touch of drill n bass and IDM.
Check out his record shop Outerbound Records for lots of good vinyl and CDs.

Inky – Outer The Office

Sumone – Trapped (Unreleased)
Sumone – Sad Head (Unreleased)
X Nation – Last Breathe (Unreleased)
Fusion – Burn It Down (Kemet)
Chatter B – Dub On Fire (Kemet)
kaneda – No Option (Unreleased)
Sumone – Grow U Locks (Unreleased)
Ghost / Jahba – Bob (Life 4 Land)
Squarepusher – Tequila Fish (Warp)
Ceephax – Hull Drum And Bass (firstcask)
Goldie – Manslaughter (Rider Proto 96) (Reinforced)
Icarus – Jons Holiday (Shadow)
Sumone – Making The Best Of A Bad Situation (Sprengstoff)
Capone – Jah (Chronic)
Jega – Intron IX (Planet Mu)

Hoonboy live at Sonic Feud, Manchester – Breakcore & Jungle mix

Wicked breakcore/jungle mix from Hoonboy playing at Sonic Feud in Manchester.
Check out this video from the live set. Part 2 and 3 can be seen on his youtube page.

Hoonboy live at Sonic Feud, Manchester 31/01/08

01. bhangra breakcore intro
02. glowstyx – diva shining deeper
03. psychofreud – immigration law
04. the nextmen – silent weapon
05. shitmat – boom shake shake the boom
06. dj k – on a mission
07. hoonboy’s in the gusset – megamix
08. matrix reloaded – this is the new shit
09. john b – broken language (exile mix)
10. mathhead – bonafidekilla (aaron spectre mix)
11. ten pound sound – bust outta dis (ten pound mix)
12. vybz kartel – when u bad from
13. johnny clash – movement [death$ucker]
14. glowstyx – 7 daze
15. producer snafu – funky parasite riddim down (malodroit rmx)
16. carnage – bloodsucker
17. mike skinner – acapella, don’t mug yourself
18. dj floorclearer – belgian waffles [death$ucker]
19. aaron spectre & prodigal son – say yeh
20. rotator – can’t sleep
21. rotator – dancehall devastation
22. rotator – big booty
23. damien marley – welcome to jamrock

Hoonboys Nightmare Before Christmas – breakcore and d&b mix

Check out this wicked breakcore, raggacore, drum&bass, jungle mix from Hoonboy.
I just read on his myspace that he is looking for a booking on new years eve so if anyone got a spot open you can contact him here.

Hoonboys Nightmare Before Christmas

Hoonboys Nightmare Before Christmas
01. vinyl matt – from the education [vinyl]
02. droon – switching current (problem mix)
03. aaron spectre – say more fire (rag and bone)
04. mr kill – aerodynamit punx
05. shitmat – boom shake the boom
06. tribe of issachar ft. peter bouncer – junglist (social security vip mix)
07. soundbites – confusing anastasia [dubplate]
08. the panacea – king of the jungle
09. the panacea – panik orkestra
10. producer snafu – escaping reality
11. carnage – bloodsucker [dubplate]
12. aaron spectre – botan ricecore remix [daly city]
13. cardopusher – in the power of xtc
14. glowstyx – aethema remix [cockrockdisco]
15. ragga twins – kill sounds hard
16. producer snafu – funky parasite riddim down
17. vybz kartel – lean back riddim
18. istari lasterfahrer – sounded intelligent
19. psychofreud – what tomorrow brings
20. dj scud – mash the place up [ambush]
21. pisstank – bassbins [death$ucker]
22. glowstyx – heels of steel [cockrockdisco]
23. stivs – dustbinmen [death$ucker]

Live set from Kamerat Tord playing at Spasibar, Oslo November 10th 2007

2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Oslo and checking out the club life.
The first night I got to see The Bug featuring Flow Dan and Warrior Queen playing at a small club called The Villa. The club was packed with ravers enjoying the wicked dubstep.

Spasibar 2

Spasibar 1

The next day was breakcore night at a club called Spasibar where the club concept Raske Rytmer had drummed together local breakcore talent. Kamerat Tord and Ars Dada played live set while DJ Woo and Kjempetjukk DJ played DJ sets. The club was not as packed with people as the night before (I guess dubstep is more hype than breakcore?), but eventually the dancefloor was filled with ravers.

Here is the liveset that my good friend Kamerat Tord played at Spasibar. Check out his myspace site and listen to the song “Loona”. My fave track at the moment!

Kamerat Tord – Liveset, Raske Rytmer

01: Kerbala
02: Mesh
03: Flame Bait
04: Howdy
05: Loona
06: Frollic²
07: Kix
08: Fazehugr
09: SID is your friend
10: Plasmid
11: Maus
12: Rael
13: The Fish Gate
14: Gjøm Ongan!
15: Hillaire
16: Buju Man Juice

Dj set from Parasite at Braindrop 28th September 07

Nice Dj set from Parasite recorded at Braindrop 28th September 07. The set consists of breakcore, raggacore, ragga jungle and even a dubstep tune.

Parasite at Braindrop 28th September 07

1. Venetian Snares – Husikam Rave Dojo (Planet Mu)
2. Shitmat – All Fall Down (Planet Mu)
3. Knifehandchop – Weed Wi Di Macka (Shockout)
4. The Qemists – Iron Shirt (Ninja Tune)
5. Shitmat – More Fire (Planet Mu)
6. Microphyst – Babyflapjacks
7. DJ C – Come Back Version (Death$ucker)
8. Soundbites – No Dance Start The Goods (Death$ucker)
9. Mochipet – Botan Rice Breaks [Aaron Spectre Remix] (Daly City)
10. The Teknoist – Richie’s Breakcore Love Song (unreleased)
11. Pisstank – Punching (Death$ucker)
12. The Flashbulb – Lucid Bass III (Sublight)
13. Maladroit – Amen Motherfucker (Hong Kong Violence)
14. Monster X – Gabba Porn (BRK)
15. Atari Teenage Hunger Force – The Spak Out (unreleased)
16. Atar Teenage Hunger Force – Fuk Giraffes (unreleased)
17. Johnny Clash – Movement (Death$ucker)
18. Modeselektor – Let Your Love Grow (BPitch Control)
19. The Bug – Skeng ft. Killa P & Flow Dan (Hyperdub)

Wanklerotaryengine – Reality on a Plank Scale – Ragga Jungle and Breakcore mix

Got this nice mix in my inbox today. It contains lots of my favorite ragga jungle, raggacore and breakcore tunes.
If anyone else have a mix they have done don’t hesitate to contact me.

Check it out here!

Wanklerotaryengine had this to say about his mix:
“Wanklerotaryengine-Reality on a Plank Scale Mix
Ragga-Jungle, Dubstep, Breakcore, Metal, Mash-up

Please play on maximum volume.
All vinyl mix, yes them crackles are genuine. Enjoy!”

T.Raumschmiere-Rabaukendisko (The Bugs Dancehell Mix)
Rotator-Distorted Species
Aaron Spectre-1600 Penn FTW
Bong-ra-666Mph (Bong-ra v’s Aphasic Mix)
Twinhooker-Any Bwoy Dis
EOSS-Wacko Macko is Backo (Dj C – Babylona Fall Mix)
Shitmat-There’s No Business Like Propa’ Runglee Clotted Mashup Buzznizz
Istari Lasterfahrer-Dubcore
Twinhooker-War Den Ah War
Strog-Paranoid Mashup
Capleton-Bun Dem Every Day
The Bug-Jah War
Blackham-The Crusade
Aaron Spectre-Say More Fire
Istari Lasterfahrer-Sound Gets Dropped
Mathhead-Bonafidekilla (Aaron Spectre Mix)
Dj C-Come Back Wicked (Mashit Mix)
Mochipet-Botan Rice Core (Aaron Spectre Mix)
Aaron Spectre-You Don’t Know
Cardopusher-25 Years for Murder
Drumcorps-Forgive and Forget
The Assdroids-Licking the Spoon (Kill Yr Idols Mix)