Live set from Kamerat Tord playing at Spasibar, Oslo November 10th 2007

2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Oslo and checking out the club life.
The first night I got to see The Bug featuring Flow Dan and Warrior Queen playing at a small club called The Villa. The club was packed with ravers enjoying the wicked dubstep.

Spasibar 2

Spasibar 1

The next day was breakcore night at a club called Spasibar where the club concept Raske Rytmer had drummed together local breakcore talent. Kamerat Tord and Ars Dada played live set while DJ Woo and Kjempetjukk DJ played DJ sets. The club was not as packed with people as the night before (I guess dubstep is more hype than breakcore?), but eventually the dancefloor was filled with ravers.

Here is the liveset that my good friend Kamerat Tord played at Spasibar. Check out his myspace site and listen to the song “Loona”. My fave track at the moment!

Kamerat Tord – Liveset, Raske Rytmer

01: Kerbala
02: Mesh
03: Flame Bait
04: Howdy
05: Loona
06: Frollic²
07: Kix
08: Fazehugr
09: SID is your friend
10: Plasmid
11: Maus
12: Rael
13: The Fish Gate
14: Gjøm Ongan!
15: Hillaire
16: Buju Man Juice

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