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81 thoughts on “Music Requests”

  1. I would love it if you could post the once-a-month WorldwideFM show “World of Echoes” by the mighty Francois Kevorkian.
    thank you

  2. Hi there,
    Would it be possible to post the Rampage show from Sunday Feb. 20, and Trevor Nelson’s show from Sunday Feb. 13, both on BBC 1Xtra?
    Thanks for all your work in uploading such good content!

      1. Thanks again, for this request fulfillment and all the other great shows you’ve uploaded!
        Got two more requests for shows, both from Sunday March 20 on 1Xtra – Trevor Nelson’s show and Rampage’s show.

  3. Just saw DO Lab posted SG Lewis’s fire Coachella mix on soundcloud, trying to figure out how to dl because his Essential Mix was incredible. Thank you for the dl on this wonderful site. Bless the good music!

  4. Gilbert Paterson

    In light of the passing of Vangelis any chance of re-uploading the 2012 Benji B Sci-Fi Special? Cheers

  5. Do you have any of Benji B’s Relax Mixtapes uploDED anywhere, besides the 1st one he did? He has about 4 total.

    Thank You in advance.

  6. Any chance we could see the OSSX RA Podcast here at a higher quality than 128 kbps? I’m usually able to find it on Podbean, but no luck this week. Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  7. Showed up on the Podbean today, and I grabbed it there. I’ve always believed that patience are for doctors. πŸ˜‰

  8. Can you please upload the newest “Lose Yourself with…” mixes? The last one is from Tkay Maidza which was almost a month ago. Especially I am waiting for the newest Flume mix from 24th of July 2022 and also mix from his guest Obongjayar. Thanx

  9. Wondering if Episode 8 of Benji B’s Relax Mixtape series is going to be posted. It’s the only one missing.

    Also, wondering if there’s a problem with this blog–I’m not receiving my e-Newsletters and haven’t for almost 3 Weeks now. Anybody else having this issues?

    Thank You in advance.

  10. This particular show has the tracklist where the Rapidgator link is supposed to be:

    Crumb – The Morning After Mix 2021-05-09

    1nce again, many Thanks for what you do around here. It is most Appreciated.

    …..also, I was curious as to if you had any Year Packs of some of these Shows like you did before. There might be more than a few Shows that I need to find again after one of my External Hard Drives was stolen a couple Years ago.

    1. Hi boot cheese

      The Crumb tracklist link has now been fixed. Thanks for letting us know.

      Are there any specific shows you are looking for? We have some of the year packs in the archive stowed away.

      1. Thanks for the correction.

        Yes, as a matter of fact, I was thinking of Benji B’s shows from 2016-2019 and Henry Rollins packs from…..I think 2016 or 2017? That’s just for starters.

        1nce again, Thank You.

  11. Hello, would it be possible to capture Pete Tong’s 30 min Hot Mixes on R1 every Sunday at 03:30 UKT? I’d very much like the forthcoming session on Sunday 26th February 2023 from Disfreq.
    Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

  12. George-David Tomlinson


    I was wondering if you please help me out, I’m a patreon/supporter but I’m willing to pay for the following….

    It was a show in Radio 3 last night at 2145 for 2ΒΌ hours part of the BBC Proms.

    I don’t know if you can download it or send a link for me to download it. It was a show I’d like to keep a copy of, I’m gutted I missed it as it should have been a favour for my sister who’s a fan.

    Thanks for listening….

    George-David Tomlinson

      1. George-David Tomlinson

        This is absolutely perfect, thank you very much. I thought the 2ΒΌ hours listed on Radio Times was a bit excessive! I owe you one…

  13. BBC Player has a series of episodes by EBTG called Lose Yourself playing chilled tracks for an hour every week, it is AMAZING… can anyone get it onto Core News please please please!

      1. AMAZING, thank you sooooooo much, and could I ask for the previous shows as well plleassseee…. sorry to be a bother!

  14. George-David Tomlinson

    All eyes were on Radio 1’s Essential Mix on Saturday Morning when Sasha, bless, dropped an hours worth of 90’s bangers on 6Music’s ‘Rave forever’ show at the same time.

    Any chance there’s a download around to keep this show?

    Thanks in anticipation….

  15. GeorgeDavid Tomlinson

    Hello, back again….!

    After being hoodwinked by Sasha on Saturday Morning, Benji B only went and did the same. It appears he hosted another show on Radio 1 at 2100 to end their Dance weekend. If it was anything like Thursday’s show where he hosted Pangaea, a desire to hear and keep it is in order.

    Can you help…?

    Thanks for your tireless work, it is very much appreciated. Nice one…

      1. George-David Tomlinson

        Thanks so much, I’m quite new to Benji B and I’ve fast become a huge fan, this download is much desired. Quality service as always….

  16. George-David Tomlinson

    Hi. Thanks for all the downloads, you provide a fantastic service. I hope you are now feeling better after your hospitalisation, please look after yourself, we can wait for all the shows/mixes, post them at your leisure.

    You sort out the vast majority of my wishes – Gilles Peterson, Benji B, Essential Mixes, Ravers hour, Radio 1 Residences, Cillian Murphy and the Marcel Dettmenn NTS Shows – I think the only one missing for me is Focus Beats on R1, early Saturday morning.

    It’s great to listen to any Techno shows and new for me music like Dubstep [I’m told] – Burial, Hessle audio etc and I love anything by Sasha/John Digweed et al but I’m generally open to most electronica.

    Again, thanks for all your hard work, you are my first port of call for downloads…

  17. Hi, it’s been so great to have you back, I hope you are a bit better and you stay well! I really appreciate you keeping up with regular sets from the Essential Mix. I also keep my eyes open for anything from James Holden.
    I don’t know if it’s difficult to get hold of, but I would be really grateful for weekly coverage of John Digweed’s Transitions show, if that’s possible.

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