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We encourage everyone to both post requests and fulfill music requests from other readers.

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8 thoughts on “Music Requests”

  1. Hi there,

    I am looking for Radio6’s Ambient Focus 2023-12-16 (December 16, 2023).

    This was the seasonal episode. I would love to have it for downtime next Christmas.

  2. Good evening,

    i am coming here to you in search of a rather old episode of Gilles Peterson from 2008.
    Specifically the episode from November 6th of 2008, for which you can still find the tracklisting:

    For personal reasons this particular episode holds a lot of sentimental value to me – but over the years i’ve lost the backups from that time and thus have no more copy of it. I’m 99% sure I even downloaded it from Corenews back then.

    In case, someone of you should still have a copy of that, i’d be absolutely grateful for your help.

    Keep up the great work and cheers from Switzerland


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