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Dark Matter: Multiverse 2004-2009 Compilation featuring Skream, Pinch, Joker, Vex’d and more out on Tectonic

13 July, 2010 (13:56) | CD release, Dubstep, Review | By: Core News

Dark Matter: Multiverse 2004-2009 is a new dubstep compilation that was just released on Tectonic. As the name indicates it is filled with dark and heavy dubstep/bass tunes that makes you want to buy an even better sub. The compilation consists of tunes coming out from a studio in Bristol called Multiverse between 2004 and […]

[Review] Mary Anne Hobbs – Wild Angels – beautiful compilation

16 September, 2009 (09:54) | CD release, Dubstep, Experimental, Mary Anne Hobbs, Review | By: Core News

We all love Mary Anne Hobbs, don’t we? She has given us so much great music through her radio show and compilations on Planet Mu. So it was an honour to receive a promo of her latest compilation album Wild Angels. Wild Angels has a distinguished dark feeling to it that seem to be intentional […] out with a compilation CD – Offline (BM002)

4 December, 2008 (13:08) | Breakcore, CD release | By: Core News (the label behind the No Time To Waste compilation) is out with a new compilation CD called Offline (BM002). It consists of tracks by breakcore producers from the Netherlands. I recognize some quality breakcore artists on this compilation and fresh ones probably got great tunes too. The CD can be ordered from their site […]

DJ/Rupture – Uproot – Awesome dubstep mix on theAgriculture records

28 November, 2008 (19:24) | CD release, Dubstep, MP3, MP3 Release | By: Core News

Got a promo mail a couple of days ago about a new mix cd from DJ/Rupture called Uproot on the label theAgriculture. Seems like Rupture has turned his eyes on dubstep as this mix is full of awesome dubstep tunes, and a few tunes in other genres. What I like about DJ/Rupture is his ability […]

Boxcutter – Glyphic and Frog Pocket – Come On Primates Show Your Teeth! – 2 new albums on Planet Mu

23 August, 2007 (16:00) | CD release, Dubstep, IDM, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Mike Paradinas announced yesterday that Planet Mu is releasing 2 new albums from Boxcutter and Frog Pocket. I have listened to the samples and they sound very good! Boxcutters album is entitled Glyphic and is due out on CD and vinyl October 29th. Check out samples from Glyphic here. Frog Pocket – Come On Primates […]

New release from Sublight Records: Acrnym – Flowers

3 June, 2007 (20:14) | Breakcore, CD release | By: Core News

New quality release coming from Sublight Records. This time it’s from Acrnym with an album entitled Flowers. I would call this happy breakcore that sounds a bit like Venetian Snares/Mark Swift. Tracklist: 1. Kate Says “Aye” 2. Megastation Mod ENV 3. Repeat 4. Bargain Hunt 5. WRXZWRXZWRXZ 6. Lava Lump 7. A 1980’s Fetish 8. […]

New compilation sampler from Proboscus Records

2 June, 2007 (00:59) | Breakcore, CD release, Experimental, Gabber | By: Core News

New compilation sampler coming from Wrong Musics sister label Proboscus Records. Impressive list of contributors with tracks from Ladyscraper, Floorclearer, Autobee, Grrr, Vankmen, Shitmat, Dr Bastardo, Cardopusher, Wood Ammo, Ebola, Microphyst, Judith Priest, Toecutter, Comatone, Dolon and Sorry. You can buy it on their site for 5£ or on iTunes. Press release:

New compilation coming from Sublight Records

16 May, 2007 (00:20) | Breakcore, CD release, Experimental, Hardcore, IDM | By: Core News

Sublight Records is releasing their second compilation CD this June. Looks like a wicked release! You can listen to some previews here. Tracklist: 1. No Servant – Datach’i 2. Law School – Lynx And Ram 3. Ego Go – Belladonnakillz 4. For Him – Sincere Trade 5. Party People – Donna Summer 6. No Sponge […]

New release on Rephlex: The Tuss – Rushup Edge CAT189

2 May, 2007 (14:22) | Braindance, CD release, Electronic music, IDM, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Rumor is that this release on Rephlex is work from Aphex Twin himself.There is already an EP out called Confederation Trough EP. You can listen to the tracks on boomkat and decide yourself what to believe… Here is what warpmart got to say about the EP: “We don’t know for sure either, but it looks […]

New release: Blærg – Sesquipedalia (full length cd)

24 April, 2007 (19:54) | Breakcore, CD release, Experimental | By: Core News

Blærg is out with a new cd. You can listen to 3 of the tracks and buy it over on his myspace. Sounds pretty sweet to me! Only 10$, including shipping worldwide. Blaerg also have a virb page. Also check out his official site where he has 11 free live sets!

April newsletter from Cock Rock Disco including 2 free mp3 releases

22 April, 2007 (21:55) | Breakcore, CD release, Experimental, Mashup, MP3, Video, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Jason Forrest is bringing us the latest news from the Cock Rock Disco camp. “Hello again! It’s been ages since we sent out a newsletter, and we’re sorry to have been so slack, but we haven’t been just sitting around either! At last, Dev/Null!! Yes, after 3 years in the making, Dev/Null has finally delivered […]

Survival story – The ragga jungle compilation

18 April, 2007 (15:10) | CD release, Ragga Jungle, Raggacore | By: Core News

This is kinda old news, but this release deserve coverage! Buy it here. “Survival Story – The Ragga Jungle Compilation” was born in late 2006 as part of a discussion on the message board, a popular online gathering spot for Ragga Jungle Producers, DJ’s, fans and enthusiasts in general.