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Dark Matter: Multiverse 2004-2009 Compilation featuring Skream, Pinch, Joker, Vex’d and more out on Tectonic

Dark Matter: Multiverse 2004-2009 is a new dubstep compilation that was just released on Tectonic. As the name indicates it is filled with dark and heavy dubstep/bass tunes that makes you want to buy an even better sub. The compilation consists of tunes coming out from a studio in Bristol called Multiverse between 2004 and 2009, where artists such as Skream, Pinch, Joker, Vex’d and many more (take a look at the awesome tracklist at the bottom of this post) has made their music.
Also check out the mix Pinch did for FACT Magazine as a support for the Dark Matter compilation.

Here is a Souncloud preview of the album:
Dark Matter :: Multiverse 2004-2009 [selected tracks from 2 x CD Compilation] by Multiverse

There is also a competition in connection with the release. You can win some goodies by entering your email address in this widget:

Dark Matter:Multiverse 2004-2009 Compilation

1 Vex’d – Lion
2 Circuit Breaker – Phonque (October Remix)
3 Moving Ninja – Witchdokta
4 Pinch & P Dutty – War Dub
5 S.N.O. – Disturbance
6 Skream – Bahl Fwd
7 Joker – Stuck In The System
8 Body Snatchers, The – Big Ass Mini Skirt
9 2562 – Techno Dread
10 Joker & Ginz – Purple City
11 Pinch Ft. Yolanda – Get Up (RSD Remix)
12 BaoBinga & ID – Tongue Riddim
13 Vex’d – Purple Pop
14 Loefah & Skream – 28 Grams
15 Cyrus – Indian Stomp
16 Pinch – Qawwali/Brighter Day
17 Loefah – System
18 Moving Ninja – Uranium
19 October – Three Drops
20 Joker – Psychedelic Runway
21 October – Euro Dance Hit
22 Emptyset – Gate 4
23 2562 – Unbalance
24 Emptyset – Demian (Exclusive)

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[Review] Mary Anne Hobbs – Wild Angels – beautiful compilation

We all love Mary Anne Hobbs, don’t we? She has given us so much great music through her radio show and compilations on Planet Mu. So it was an honour to receive a promo of her latest compilation album Wild Angels.
Mary Anne Hobbs - Wild Angels
Wild Angels has a distinguished dark feeling to it that seem to be intentional from Mary Anne. It explores the subgenres that she plays on and the album is able to extract the essence of the show.
All in all I love the Wild Angels compilation! It is filled with strong tunes (with a couple of exceptions) for everyone interested in bass-driven music and it is definitely a compilation worthy of your record collection.
I give it 5 out 6 Core News-stars.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Wild Angels can be bought from Amazon as CD, vinyl and MP3-release.

Here are short reviews of each track with mp3-links to preview them.

1. Mark Pritchard – ?
The opening tune of Wild Angels is simply called “?” by Mark Pritchard. It is a moody piece of music that works great as an opening track on this “dark” compilation. The most ambient tune on the CD. I like it!

2. Hudson Mohawke – Spotted
Hudson Mohawke gives us a track called Spotted that has eclectic Hip Hop feel to it. It is pretty good, but I prefer other tunes on Wild Angels.

3. Mike Slott – Knock Knock
Next up we get the track Knock Knock from Mike Slott. I feel it is in a bit the same vein as the one from Hudson Mohawke. Not really my style, but still cool.

4. Brackles – LHC
Brackles got a downright ridiculous great tune on the album. It’s called LHC and fills me with joy. Might be one of my favorite tracks of 2009.
“If you were in my hearth”, indeed you are Brackles 😉

5. Gemmy – Rainbow Road
Rainbow Road by Gemmy is one fine dubstep tune that I’ve enjoyed a lot.

6. Untold – Discipline
Untold is representing the darker and heavier side with Discipline. Some really heavy, rolling basslines in this one that make you wanna move slowly around the dance floor like you are caressing the music..

7. Tranqill – Payroll (Paul White’s Clean Dub)
Next up is Tranqill with a track called Payroll in a Paul White’s Clean Dub that starts up like a Prince track and then moves on to sound a bit like DJ Shadow.

8. Architeq – Sleeping Bear Lament (TAKE Remix)
Love the bassline on this one with its wobbly movements.

9. Rustie – Zig-Zag
I enjoy the DJ sets Rustie play and his tune Zig-Zag on Wild Angels is loveable too. To me it sounds a bit chaotic, but it still has a nice structure.

10. Mono/Poly – Red And Yellow Toys
I discovered Mono/Poly through the Mary Anne Hobbs show. The track Red And Yellow Toys. Think experimental hip hop on this one.

11. Hyetal – We Should Light A Fire
We Should Light A Fire is a perfect track for long summer nights while you are sitting with your girl by a bonfire. It is evocative yet massive. One of my faves on Wild Angels!

12. Starkey – Gutter Music V.I.P.
If you can call something a hit in “our scene” Starkey – Gutter Music VIP is a strong contender. Its wild and dirty beats should make any crowd move.

13. Darkstar – Videotape
Darkstar got some really wicked tracks. No different with the Videotape tune that is the Darkstar version of the Radiohead tune from the In Rainbows album. Although a bit unusual style it is still very awesome. I’ve actually been walking around humming on Videotape for the last few days.

14. Floating Points – Esthian III
Floating Points has made a nice tune called Esthian III.

15. Sunken Foal – Of Low Count And Light Pocket
Time for some acoustic guitar from Sunken Foal. I’ve been enjoying this tune too. Love it!

16. Teebs – WLTA
WLTA makes your head nod n appreciation. Love the fat beats (I really mean fat – my ears feel like they are stuffed with cotton after listening to Teebs too loud).

17. Nosaj Thing – IOIO
Another great tune! Nosaj Thing brings us lovely music that I find a bit hard to describe so just listen to the sound clip.

18. Legion Of Two – And Now We Wait
The last track by Legion Of Two got a dark feeling to it and the drums sounds acoustic. Not my fave track as I’m not a fan of the more industrial kind of sound.

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[Review] Mary Anne Hobbs – Wild Angels – beautiful compilation Read More » out with a compilation CD – Offline (BM002) (the label behind the No Time To Waste compilation) is out with a new compilation CD called Offline (BM002). It consists of tracks by breakcore producers from the Netherlands. I recognize some quality breakcore artists on this compilation and fresh ones probably got great tunes too.
The CD can be ordered from their site for € 10.

01. Semiomime – Another’s Eyes
02. Tex-nd – Loos
03. Unyx – Ong Bak
04. Charly Linch – Notv
05. Deformer – Screamer
06. Den Chaoot – Opera Can Do That To A Man
07. Benefit Of The Boomerang – Verdorven
08. Plieuw – Kbs3
09. Krampfhaft – Exploded View
10. WSicko – Alien Abduction
11. Apzolut – Bouncing The Grave
12. Atiq & Enk – Disconnection
13. Rob Raider – Cutlib
14. Soundbites – Droidaphonia
15. Autonon – I Have No Regret out with a compilation CD – Offline (BM002) Read More »

DJ/Rupture – Uproot – Awesome dubstep mix on theAgriculture records

Got a promo mail a couple of days ago about a new mix cd from DJ/Rupture called Uproot on the label theAgriculture.
Seems like Rupture has turned his eyes on dubstep as this mix is full of awesome dubstep tunes, and a few tunes in other genres.
What I like about DJ/Rupture is his ability to select the right tracks that just fit with each other. Being a great selector is way more important than having the best technical mixing skills when I’m out clubbing and DJ/Rupture certainly got that skill.
I have been listening to the Uproot mix like 10 times during the last two days and I really think I’m in love with it…
You can buy DJ/Rupture – Uproot from Norman Records, Boomkat and probably lots of other places. The opening tune can be downloaded here in 320kbps: Baby Kites and Nokea “Reef”
DJ/Rupture - Uproot cover

01. Baby Kites and Nokea “Reef”
02. Clouds “Elders”
03. Istari Lasterfahrer “Bang Soundboy”
04. Nokea “Cassava”
05. Atki2 “Winter Buds”
06. Maga Bo “Homeboys feat. Max Normal”
07. Clouds “Too Much”
08. Ekstrak “Mass Dampers”
09. Frescoe “Afghanistan”
10. Iron Shirt “Gave You All My Love (Matt Shadetek´s I Gave You All My Dub remix)”
11. Jenny Jones “Capilano Bridge”
12. Ekkehard Ehlers “Plays John Cassavettes pt. 2”
13. Stalker “Radios Et Announceurs”
14. Ghislain Poirier “Ignadjossi feat. Jhonel”
15. Filastine “Hungry Ghosts (instrumental)”
16. Scuba “Braille Diving”
17. Quest “Mirage” ; Team Shadetek “Brooklyn Anthem (acapella)”
18. Shackleton “Naked” ; Brent Arnold “Erhu Solo”
19. Timeblind “Strategy Decay” ; MagaBo “3akel (acapella)”
20. Moving Ninja “Uranium”
21. Professor Shehab + lloop “Drunken Monkey (Ambient Remix)”
22. Dead Leaf “Save from the Flames All That Yet Remains”
23. Weâ„¢ “Second-Hand Science”

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Boxcutter – Glyphic and Frog Pocket – Come On Primates Show Your Teeth! – 2 new albums on Planet Mu

Mike Paradinas announced yesterday that Planet Mu is releasing 2 new albums from Boxcutter and Frog Pocket. I have listened to the samples and they sound very good!

Boxcutters album is entitled Glyphic and is due out on CD and vinyl October 29th. Check out samples from Glyphic here.

Frog Pocket – Come On Primates Show Your Teeth! is out on CD September 24th and you can listen to samples here.
The artwork on Frog Pockets album is one of the best I have seen lately.

Boxcutter – Glyphic and Frog Pocket – Come On Primates Show Your Teeth! – 2 new albums on Planet Mu Read More »

New release from Sublight Records: Acrnym – Flowers

New quality release coming from Sublight Records. This time it’s from Acrnym with an album entitled Flowers.

I would call this happy breakcore that sounds a bit like Venetian Snares/Mark Swift.

Acrnym - Flowers

1. Kate Says “Aye”
2. Megastation Mod ENV
3. Repeat
4. Bargain Hunt
6. Lava Lump
7. A 1980’s Fetish
8. Of Corset Horse
9. Outbox
10. Knife
11. Cuddle
12. Three
13. Pie

Buy it over on Sublight for 17$, including worldwide shipping.

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New compilation sampler from Proboscus Records

New compilation sampler coming from Wrong Musics sister label Proboscus Records.
Impressive list of contributors with tracks from Ladyscraper, Floorclearer, Autobee, Grrr, Vankmen, Shitmat, Dr Bastardo, Cardopusher, Wood Ammo, Ebola, Microphyst, Judith Priest, Toecutter, Comatone, Dolon and Sorry.

New compilation sampler from Proboscus Records

You can buy it on their site for 5£ or on iTunes.

Press release:

New compilation sampler from Proboscus Records Read More »

New compilation coming from Sublight Records

Sublight Records is releasing their second compilation CD this June. Looks like a wicked release!
You can listen to some previews here.

1. No Servant – Datach’i
2. Law School – Lynx And Ram
3. Ego Go – Belladonnakillz
4. For Him – Sincere Trade
5. Party People – Donna Summer
6. No Sponge – Acrnym
7. Our Furry Past Life – The Flashbulb
8. The Final Night – Not Breathing
9. Trylledild – Puzzleweasel
10. Humdrumdrum III – Not Half
11. The Springtime Swift – Mark Swift
12. Tabula Rasa – Gareth Clarke
13. Strict Egg – Ra
14. Bustin Loose – Duran Duran Duran
15. Reptilian Cell Matter – Ebola
16. Fear – Enduser
17. Metalphetermines – Fanny

“Following the extremely well recieved 2006 smasher “Eyelicker” here comes another no filler CD compilation of 17 previously unreleased tracks from artists DONNA SUMMER, DATACH’I, ENDUSER, THE FLASHBULB, PUZZLEWEASEL, DURAN DURAN DURAN, RA, BELLADONNAKILLZ, LYNX AND RAM, SINCERE TRADE, GARETH CLARKE, EBOLA as well as other new and vetran sublight artists churning out exclusive never before released tracks. “Imaginary Friends” CD comes out July 3rd, 2007 on Sublight.”

New compilation coming from Sublight Records Read More »

New release on Rephlex: The Tuss – Rushup Edge CAT189

Rumor is that this release on Rephlex is work from Aphex Twin himself.There is already an EP
out called Confederation Trough EP. You can listen to the tracks on boomkat and decide yourself what to believe…

Here is what warpmart got to say about the EP:
“We don’t know for sure either, but it looks and sounds like the work of our favorite Analord. There were rumours that it’s two French guys, and then the press information says it’s some bloke called Gary with a very Cornish surname, who XL and Ninja Tune wanted to sign, but somehow much smaller label Rephlex signed him, hmm….

But the problem with all this is, it couldn’t sound anymore like Richard D. James if he shouted ‘My name is Richard D. James and I wrote this’ over the top.

Anyway, it’s very good, 3 strong tracks in three different styles, in keeping with the analord analogue instrumentation but with a bit more abstraction.”

New release on Rephlex: The Tuss – Rushup Edge CAT189 Read More »

April newsletter from Cock Rock Disco including 2 free mp3 releases

Jason Forrest is bringing us the latest news from the Cock Rock Disco camp.

“Hello again!
It’s been ages since we sent out a newsletter, and we’re sorry to have been so slack, but we haven’t been just sitting around either!

At last, Dev/Null!!
Yes, after 3 years in the making, Dev/Null has finally delivered his epic master-work/debut album: Lazer Thrash! WOW! It’s a bullet-train ride through splatter breakcore with references to grindcore, happy hardcore, rave and splatter films. If you’re looking for the edges of what is possible in music- Dev/Null is it!

Here’s the link to stream a megamix of the entire album, plus see awesome live videos of the man in action:

Here’s an awesome free Mp3:

And here’s the link to buy the entire record for only 8 US Dollars!

Ok! This is what we like, Free music!!! Cock Rock Disco now has a new section devoted to high-quality free downloadable music. And to properly kick it off in 2007, we have 2 new releases:

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Survival story – The ragga jungle compilation

This is kinda old news, but this release deserve coverage!

survival story - the ragga jungle compilation

Buy it here.

“Survival Story – The Ragga Jungle Compilation” was born in late 2006 as part of a discussion on the message board, a popular online gathering spot for Ragga Jungle Producers, DJ’s, fans and enthusiasts in general. …

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