New compilation sampler from Proboscus Records

New compilation sampler coming from Wrong Musics sister label Proboscus Records.
Impressive list of contributors with tracks from Ladyscraper, Floorclearer, Autobee, Grrr, Vankmen, Shitmat, Dr Bastardo, Cardopusher, Wood Ammo, Ebola, Microphyst, Judith Priest, Toecutter, Comatone, Dolon and Sorry.

New compilation sampler from Proboscus Records

You can buy it on their site for 5£ or on iTunes.

Press release:

“Proboscus Records is Wrong Music’s younger, more disgusting brother and it is proud to present it’s long awaited compilation sampler.
Vomit! is bursting at the seams with speed, brutality and insane drum programming – but it’s not just your usual straightforward gabber/breakcore party. Each track attempts to do something new and exciting with the genre, you wont find any substandard ragga jungle workouts here.

Ladyscraper, Floorclearer, Autobee, Grrr, Vankmen and Shitmat bring the full on noise/grindcore assault with kick drums that will tear your eyes out and speeding, skittering snares that jab at you like 10,000 rusty forks.
There are some more ‘danceable’ moments as well, Dr Bastardo brings the amens in his usual masterful style, whipping you up and making you froth at the mouth and drool on your clothing. There is yet more creative amen wizardry from Cardopusher, Wood Ammo, Ebola, Microphyst and Judith Priest all of whom will have you strapping yourself into your dancing pants.
Then, Toecutter (Australia’s most evil) brings you the musical equivalent of a huge fat man, covered in hair and sweat, holding you down on the floor and sticking his knob in your ear. While singing the theme tune from Friends. And laughing.
There is light amidst the darkness, however. Comatone and Dolon both offer two slick and beautiful takes on electronica that provide a counterpoint to the rest of the album, which is finished off by the frankly disturbing Sorry whose eerie sounds-scape is akin to being stalked through a deserted London underground station by Robbie Williams (kind of like the movie Creep, but with Robbie Williams in it. Urrrgh).
Look, your gonna like it. It’s got all the music that goes “grrrhhhsmmrppphpoooshaarrgrhrhplaaarkxxsafff” on it.”

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