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Listen to the full debut album from SBTRKT!

20 June, 2011 (18:27) | MP3 Release | By: Core News

The SBTRKT album is due out in a week or so, but you can already now listen to the full album in the widget below. It sounds amazing!!

I.D. & Baobinga – Bass Music Sessions

3 March, 2010 (10:04) | Dubstep, MP3, MP3 Release | By: Core News

Here is a free album from I.D. & Baobinga. It is called Bass Music Sessions and contains 10 dubstep/bass based track that are quite lovely. I mentioned that the album is free, but the good guys are accepting donations that will go to a charity called Dove House Hospice in Hull, UK πŸ™‚ I.D. & […]

Ars Dada – Ægri Somnia – Free breakcore mp3 release on Cock Rock Disco

27 January, 2009 (13:01) | Breakcore, Experimental, MP3, MP3 Release | By: Core News

Ars Dada is out with the new Ægri Somnia mp3 release on Cock Rock Disco. Some really nice experimental breakcore (in the press release it says nu-breakcore..) tracks on this one. I’ve seen Ars Dada a couple of times live and I’m very happy to see him getting some well deserved recognition. Ars Dada – […]

The Artbreaker – Suffuckation – Free breakcore / experimental mp3 release

10 January, 2009 (11:19) | Breakcore, Experimental, MP3, MP3 Release | By: Core News

The Artbreaker of is out with a new release called Suffuckation. The release consists of 6 highly different tracks that touches genres such as breakcore, jungle and other experimental styles. My personal fave from the release is track number 2 “Eastern Stomp Tactics”. The Artbreaker – Suffuckation Tracklist: 1. Overthruster – Bravura (The Artbreaker […]

BM003 – Various Artists – Themeless – free 37 track breakcore compilation

2 January, 2009 (22:35) | Breakcore, Hardcore, Jungle, MP3, MP3 Release | By: Core News is out with yet another release. This time it is a free mp3 compilation called Themeless that contains an incredible 37 tracks (324 MB download) from breakcore producers. I wouldn’t call the release strictly as breakcore because there are some jungle and tracks that borderlines to hardcore. BM003 – Various Artists – Themeless Tracklist: […]

A.L.F. – Stockholm syndrom orchestra – free experimental electro breakcore release

1 January, 2009 (11:38) | Breakcore, Experimental, MP3, MP3 Release | By: Core News

A.L.F. is out with a new album on blind rec. It is called Stockholm syndrom orchestra and is a bit of experimental, breakcore stuff (a bit hard to classify this kind of music, not that it matters). It is released both as vinyl and free mp3, but I haven’t figured out where you can buy […]

Echodub – Anechoic Chamber – free chilled dubstep album

8 December, 2008 (15:10) | Dubstep, MP3, MP3 Release | By: Core News

The label Echodub is out with a new free dubstep compilation called Anechoic Chamber. The release consists of 20 chilled dubstep, dub-techno and IDM tracks from producers in the Echodub collective. If you want some mellow sounds before Christmas this release is perfect for you. Subscribe to the feed to get updated about more sweet […]

DJ/Rupture – Uproot – Awesome dubstep mix on theAgriculture records

28 November, 2008 (19:24) | CD release, Dubstep, MP3, MP3 Release | By: Core News

Got a promo mail a couple of days ago about a new mix cd from DJ/Rupture called Uproot on the label theAgriculture. Seems like Rupture has turned his eyes on dubstep as this mix is full of awesome dubstep tunes, and a few tunes in other genres. What I like about DJ/Rupture is his ability […]

The Beast Within – Free mp3 compilation from Cock Rock Disco and Fathme

11 November, 2008 (22:12) | Breakcore, Experimental, MP3, MP3 Release | By: Core News

Here is a new free mp3 compilation from the labels Cock Rock Disco and Fathme. Apparently they have asked 14 music producers to make tunes inspired by horror movies from the 80’s. Expect experimental breakcore madness that is not suitable for little girls. The Beast Within mp3 compilation Tracklist: 01. Intro – The Beast Within […]

Breakcore compilation looking for submissions

23 May, 2008 (09:42) | Breakcore, MP3 Release | By: Core News

The crew behind the No Time To Waste release are at it again with a new online compilation. This time they are looking for quality tracks instead of mass quantity like last time. The deadline for submissions is August 1st and the tracks should be 320 kbps stereo mp3. Head over to if you […]

Bad Ratio – Zoundz Ov Ze Apocalypze EP free release on Memory Format

21 April, 2008 (20:11) | Breakcore, Jungle, MP3 Release, Raggacore | By: Core News

Bad Ratio is out with a breakcore, metal, raggacore release on the free net label Memory Format. If you are into the harder stuff, this release if for you. Bad Ratio – Zoundz Ov Ze Apocalypze EP Tracklist: 1. No Sunshine 2. Bootykilla 3. SlippinÒ€ℒ Into Darkness 4. Moongod 5. Distort Dem 6. No Sunshine […]

The Teknoist presents – Cock Rott Columbo- free mp3 album on Cock Rock Disco

21 January, 2008 (12:14) | Breakcore, Hardcore, MP3 Release | By: Core News

The Teknoist got a new free mp3 release out on Cock Rock Disco. It’s on the hardcore/breakcore side including a remix of Bong-Ra’s wicked tune Blood and Fire. The Teknoist presents – Cock RottColumbo Tracklist: The Teknoist – Captain Fabulosos Cave of Hair The Teknoist – Dootchbag The Teknoist – Juts dog Tarker The Teknoist […]

No Time To Waste breakcore compilation out now!

1 January, 2008 (22:20) | Breakcore, MP3 Release | By: Core News

The No Time To Waste compilation is now out on the interweb. 73 artists have made 20 to 30 seconds long breakcore tunes to be on this crazy release. No Time To Waste breakcore compilation Tracklist: 01 – Producer Snafu – Not Your Typical Amen Break Track 02 – Rutger Muller – Modderdoop 03 – […]

The Broken Awethor – The Sound Of Angels Fighting – free net release

24 September, 2007 (11:10) | Breakcore, Experimental, MP3 Release | By: Core News

Artbreaker over at is out with a net release under the moniker The Broken Awethor. Experimental dark stuff! You can download it here. Tracklist: 01 – theorhetix01 02 – the sound of angels fighting 03 – xappalokstep 04 – hjarnidaudi’s pain (broken) 05 – theorhetix02 06 – straight sound 07 – saxy dream break […]

Herv – Flot and Retent – free net release on

19 September, 2007 (20:56) | Breakcore, IDM, MP3 Release | By: Core News

New IDM/breakcore/jungle album from Herv as a joint release on and Armed Ambitions / Organised Ideas. Download Herv – Flot and Retent here. Tracklist: 1. Aoibheann 2. Cartoon Mire 3. Sleepy Cat 4. Flot and Retent 5. Chipcore9 6. Go Away 7. Skeletal 8. Looking Forward 9. I am mostly doing a noise project […]