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I.D. & Baobinga – Bass Music Sessions

Here is a free album from I.D. & Baobinga. It is called Bass Music Sessions and contains 10 dubstep/bass based track that are quite lovely. I mentioned that the album is free, but the good guys are accepting donations that will go to a charity called Dove House Hospice in Hull, UK 🙂

I.D. & Baobinga – Bass Music Sessions [Direct download]

1. BackFoot 05:35
2. White Girl 03:31
3. Red Dust 04:10
4. Man Down 04:11
5. Still Tippin’ 03:34
6. Inland 05:54
7. Hither & Thither 04:54
8. The King 05:25
9. Hush Up Riddim 03:34
10. Raise Riddim 03:27

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Ars Dada Р̠gri Somnia РFree breakcore mp3 release on Cock Rock Disco

Ars Dada is out with the new Ægri Somnia mp3 release on Cock Rock Disco. Some really nice experimental breakcore (in the press release it says nu-breakcore..) tracks on this one.
I’ve seen Ars Dada a couple of times live and I’m very happy to see him getting some well deserved recognition.

Ars Dada Р̠gri Somnia

In Discordia
Dans l’obscuritée des Catacombes (La Mort Respire)
Little Princess
1) Ouverture
2) Cruor Confiteor
3) Postludium

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The Artbreaker – Suffuckation – Free breakcore / experimental mp3 release

The Artbreaker of is out with a new release called Suffuckation. The release consists of 6 highly different tracks that touches genres such as breakcore, jungle and other experimental styles. My personal fave from the release is track number 2 “Eastern Stomp Tactics”.

The Artbreaker – Suffuckation

1. Overthruster – Bravura (The Artbreaker Remix)
2. The Artbreaker – Eastern Stomp Tactics
3. The Artbreaker – For The Skinny Sister
4. The Artbreaker – Kill
5. The Artbreaker – Suffuckation
6. The Artbreaker – Gasping For Prayer

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BM003 – Various Artists – Themeless – free 37 track breakcore compilation is out with yet another release. This time it is a free mp3 compilation called Themeless that contains an incredible 37 tracks (324 MB download) from breakcore producers. I wouldn’t call the release strictly as breakcore because there are some jungle and tracks that borderlines to hardcore.

BM003 – Various Artists – Themeless

Various Artists - Themeless (BM003)
01 – Kodek – Teenage Mutant Breakcore Bastards Kickin Reetaards Into Stomachh And Feeling Prouud Of Itt
02 – Arena – Hectic
03 – Den Chaoot – The Fisherman’s Wife (Keta Remix)
04 – Charly Linch – Pump Up The Sound
05 – Rott In Pieces – Down With The King
06 – Kamerat Tord – Moltebær
07 – Project Serendipity – Left Right Left Right (II)
08 – Microphyst – Disco Biscuits
09 – Main$tream – Shit Anymotha Fuckers Remix 2008
10 – Rubber Muffin – Blood Clat Dat
11 – Alex Tune – Listen To Your Hardcore
12 – Liar’s Rosebush – Blowdarts And Burning Bridges
13 – Siphonaptera – Siphonaptera
14 – Crappymeal – B6
15 – Tha Fruitbat ft. Remy Gonzales – Noise Shaping
16 – Junglefever – Sensicore
17 – Mr Bad Monkey – Jungle-Sound-Clashin’-Core
18 – Nubbin – Just Forget What I Said
19 – The Untitled – My Miserable Days
20 – Producer Snafu – A Vigalante Of God
21 – Mothball Z – The Rise Of Emo
22 – Capslock – Life Is Beautiful
23 – Tha Fruitbat – Total Cunt Troll (Murdasloth Remix)
24 – Dysphemic – Army Of The Apocalypse
25 – Eraplee Noisewall Orchestra – Desperation Speaks
26 – Tex-nd vs. WSicko – Our Goal Is Crossing Lines (On Grass) Because Soccer Sucks Balls
27 – H.M.M.A.H.H.H. – Like Am’rous Birds Of Prey
28 – Slam52 – Frosd
29 – Nano.strike – Ecranoplane
30 – Onken – 8bitbombastic (Onkens Frustrated Mix)
31 – Poelvoorde – Hygiene Requise
32 – Weyheyhey!! – Allow
33 – The Incredible Hexadecibels – Devil Dogs Guarding The Altar
34 – Shanks Pony – All My Freinds R R Soles
35 – Solypsis vs. Hard Off – Beers, Steers and Queers For Fears
36 – Simon – August
37 – Mongreltek – Yours Tragically

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A.L.F. – Stockholm syndrom orchestra – free experimental electro breakcore release

A.L.F. is out with a new album on blind rec. It is called Stockholm syndrom orchestra and is a bit of experimental, breakcore stuff (a bit hard to classify this kind of music, not that it matters). It is released both as vinyl and free mp3, but I haven’t figured out where you can buy the vinyl. Cool stuff!
Thanks to Ramses for sending me an email about this release.
Oh yeah, happy new year to everyone!

A.L.F. – Stockholm syndrom orchestra

A.L.F. - Stockholm syndrom orchestra
01_analogue suggestion
02_15 days before
03_band sequence
04_philharmonik industry
05_the princess like to be on link
06_we need a psychologist for the conductor
07_polymorphic tragedy
08_the taken hostage orchestra
09_brass band valley
10_soldier ready for the war

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Echodub – Anechoic Chamber – free chilled dubstep album

The label Echodub is out with a new free dubstep compilation called Anechoic Chamber. The release consists of 20 chilled dubstep, dub-techno and IDM tracks from producers in the Echodub collective. If you want some mellow sounds before Christmas this release is perfect for you.
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Download Echodub – Anechoic Chamber from Sendspace or zShare

1. Absense – Good Love
2. Kwality – Doug Wilson
3. Vishnu – David Makes Triangles
4. Indigo – Golden Proportion
5. Furesshu – The Leopard
6. Sines – Beneath Me
7. DFRNT – Surface
8. Foiledtorsos – The Specialist
9. Furesshu – Tel Aviv
10. HxdB – Silent Q
11. Indigo – Matter
12. Solar Constant – Northern Divide
13. king slaFF – Sacrifice
14. Sines – Test Four
15. Akema – Cold Hearted
16. king slaFF – Within
17. Substep Infrabass – The Entity
18. Tangka – Salamander
19. Foiledtorsos – Ultra Analog Dub
20. DFRNT – Quite Simply

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DJ/Rupture – Uproot – Awesome dubstep mix on theAgriculture records

Got a promo mail a couple of days ago about a new mix cd from DJ/Rupture called Uproot on the label theAgriculture.
Seems like Rupture has turned his eyes on dubstep as this mix is full of awesome dubstep tunes, and a few tunes in other genres.
What I like about DJ/Rupture is his ability to select the right tracks that just fit with each other. Being a great selector is way more important than having the best technical mixing skills when I’m out clubbing and DJ/Rupture certainly got that skill.
I have been listening to the Uproot mix like 10 times during the last two days and I really think I’m in love with it…
You can buy DJ/Rupture – Uproot from Norman Records, Boomkat and probably lots of other places. The opening tune can be downloaded here in 320kbps: Baby Kites and Nokea “Reef”
DJ/Rupture - Uproot cover

01. Baby Kites and Nokea “Reef”
02. Clouds “Elders”
03. Istari Lasterfahrer “Bang Soundboy”
04. Nokea “Cassava”
05. Atki2 “Winter Buds”
06. Maga Bo “Homeboys feat. Max Normal”
07. Clouds “Too Much”
08. Ekstrak “Mass Dampers”
09. Frescoe “Afghanistan”
10. Iron Shirt “Gave You All My Love (Matt Shadetek´s I Gave You All My Dub remix)”
11. Jenny Jones “Capilano Bridge”
12. Ekkehard Ehlers “Plays John Cassavettes pt. 2”
13. Stalker “Radios Et Announceurs”
14. Ghislain Poirier “Ignadjossi feat. Jhonel”
15. Filastine “Hungry Ghosts (instrumental)”
16. Scuba “Braille Diving”
17. Quest “Mirage” ; Team Shadetek “Brooklyn Anthem (acapella)”
18. Shackleton “Naked” ; Brent Arnold “Erhu Solo”
19. Timeblind “Strategy Decay” ; MagaBo “3akel (acapella)”
20. Moving Ninja “Uranium”
21. Professor Shehab + lloop “Drunken Monkey (Ambient Remix)”
22. Dead Leaf “Save from the Flames All That Yet Remains”
23. Weâ„¢ “Second-Hand Science”

If you want me to write about your new record please use my contact form to get in touch with me.

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The Beast Within – Free mp3 compilation from Cock Rock Disco and Fathme

Here is a new free mp3 compilation from the labels Cock Rock Disco and Fathme. Apparently they have asked 14 music producers to make tunes inspired by horror movies from the 80’s. Expect experimental breakcore madness that is not suitable for little girls.
the beast within

The Beast Within mp3 compilation

01. Intro – The Beast Within
02. Silon Fist – Slumber Party Massacre
03. Terminal 11 – AndTheKillerWoreDenim
04. Vytear – RE
05. The Teknoist – Arm Wrestle Compound Fracture
06. Maxibacon – j’habite dans la viande
07. Toecutter – Buggerween
08. Duran Duran Duran – Psycho Killer
09. Eustachian – Worst Nightmare
10. Bong-Ra – Wormskull
11. Captain Ahab – Friday the 13th part 3 Theme
12. Surachai – Nothing Can Save You
13. Dead Noise – Last Hope For Humankind
14. Dj Floorclearer – They Live
15. Droon – Terror Train

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Bad Ratio – Zoundz Ov Ze Apocalypze EP free release on Memory Format

Bad Ratio is out with a breakcore, metal, raggacore release on the free net label Memory Format.
If you are into the harder stuff, this release if for you.

Bad Ratio – Zoundz Ov Ze Apocalypze EP

1. No Sunshine
2. Bootykilla
3. Slippin’ Into Darkness
4. Moongod
5. Distort Dem
6. No Sunshine (Pridon remix)

Press release:
artist: Bad Ratio mfm06
released: 10 April 2008

Bad Ratio likes to travel. He has been in countless
places but his favourite destinations seem to be
Kingston, Oslo and London. He jumps back and forth
almost instantly from place to place. He can be found
in a sound system battle, the next moment he stands
next to a frozen northern lake and then in a UK rave
back in ‘92. Whenever he returns home, he brings lots
of souvenirs for everyone. This one is for you. Bad
Ratio says hi.

Bad Ratio’s apocalyptic EP is beefed up with a playful
remix by Pridon of Low Impedance recordings, a treat
for those who have been waiting (and waiting…)
for this release.

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The Teknoist presents – Cock Rott Columbo- free mp3 album on Cock Rock Disco

The Teknoist got a new free mp3 release out on Cock Rock Disco. It’s on the hardcore/breakcore side including a remix of Bong-Ra’s wicked tune Blood and Fire.

The Teknoist presents -  Cock Rott Columbo

The Teknoist presents – Cock RottColumbo

The Teknoist – Captain Fabulosos Cave of Hair
The Teknoist – Dootchbag
The Teknoist – Juts dog Tarker
The Teknoist – Statement of intentional Bitterness
The Teknoist – The Time Has Past
Void Settler – Blackguard (The Teknoist Remix)
Bong-Ra & Dirty Dread – Blood and Fire (The Teknoist remix)
Bonus tracks from Ninja Columbo Records:
Michael J Rocks – Dystopian Movements
Scheme Boy – Kiss My Abyss

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No Time To Waste breakcore compilation out now!

The No Time To Waste compilation is now out on the interweb. 73 artists have made 20 to 30 seconds long breakcore tunes to be on this crazy release.

No Time To Waste breakcore compilation

01 – Producer Snafu – Not Your Typical Amen Break Track
02 – Rutger Muller – Modderdoop
03 – Datarapist – Circle Line
04 – Microphyst – Underground Lighthouse For Moles
05 – Skeez – Japanese Mfuckers
06 – Smochs – Spazma2z11
07 – DJ Donna Summer – Tiny Benassi
08 – Sons Of The Special – Hannah Barbosa
09 – Crown – Ruined My Movie Ticket
10 – Libythth – Drop Thee Beat On Thee One
11 – Vacuum – Gadgetry
12 – Hamster Alliance – Coxcomb
13 – JungleFever – Mo Fiyah
14 – Pressure – Doom Vs Major (DM17)
15 – DJ P-R-Z A.K.A [PRO-Z] – StarBreakWars
16 – Scandinavian Noize Syndicate – 30 Seconds Of Misery
17 – Ethmoh – 30 Sec Riot In My Bedroom
18 – Miskibaul – Wiped Clean
19 – Mixomatosis – O RLY (A.K.A. What Keith Moon Listens To In Hell)
20 – UKDragon – Oh Zero One
21 – Apzolut – Pompa Mi Cabes
22 – Apoptosis – Cargo Cult
23 – Fintan Stack – Breaking By Balls
24 – Thee Crumb – Kingdom Of Infinite Monkeys
25 – My Tric Shop – Slowpoke
26 – Walk/Don’t Walk – Fried Sqr Pop (Extended Mix)
27 – Solypsis – Slugs
28 – Shanks Pony – Very Is
29 – Gabba Abba – Rotaru
30 – Benefit Of The Boomerang – Vijfentwintig
31 – Semiomime – Compact 2: Ambigrammed
32 – WSicko – From The Sky
33 – Sybase – Figment
34 – 7th Rest – Short Track Disaster
35 – DJ YSL – University Educated Improv With Moustache
36 – Plieuw – Bloedlichaam
37 – Uncivilized – Sir Ellmet
38 – Kamerat Tord – Jingle Cache
39 – Nccrect – Willy
40 – Brutallo – Compagnie Di Ventura
41 – FFF – No Legs
42 – DJ Rainbow Ejaculation – 30 Second Rabid Dog Savage
43 – DJ Poingi – Gila Came From Palestina
44 – CubBist – Torn
45 – Batuta – Demonic Depth Of Human Freedom
46 – Slutmachine – Fantastic Disaster
47 – DM90 – 30 Seconds Of Noise (Part I)
48 – D.A. Tist – Zacheusssssch
49 – Onken – Snuff Movie Statistics
50 – Thye – Micromachine
51 – Konfliktzone – Elementary Particle
52 – Tex-nd – Interesting Sounds From Dad
53 – Brian – Riddle Of Lightning (Uncivilized Remix)
54 – Fertique – 30 Seconds To Mars
55 – ISAOD – 8 Mem Order
56 – H5N1 – Why The Fuck Are You Looking At This Tv
57 – Mono-Amine – Me Breakz My Fucking Core
58 – Kodek – My “NoTimeToWaste” Asian Teen Porn Shite Is Better Than Yours
59 – Silent Victory – See Y’all In 1981
60 – Santaklausnihil – Breakin’ Me Softly
61 – Rikki-Tikki-Tavi – Please, Put My Unmastered Track On This Fucking Compilation
62 – Etruscan – Truncated Succubus
63 – Krampfhaft – Secret Handshake
64 – DaFruzler – People Want More Grindcore No Matter What It Costs To Society
65 – Den Chaoot – Balls Of Steel
66 – DJ Hidden – Compact 1: Two Sixty
67 – N-FX – Abomination
68 – Beytah – EatMyShitThenLickMyFace
69 – Killselector – Agoraphobic Breaks
70 – Partikal Katastr – Blame It On God
71 – Poelvoorde – Please Drop Dead
72 – Friendly Editing – Dance Floor Justice
73 – Noisekick – Ik Schop U Dood!!!

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The Broken Awethor – The Sound Of Angels Fighting – free net release

Artbreaker over at is out with a net release under the moniker The Broken Awethor. Experimental dark stuff!

You can download it here.

The Broken Awethor - The Sound Of Angels Fighting

01 – theorhetix01
02 – the sound of angels fighting
03 – xappalokstep
04 – hjarnidaudi’s pain (broken)
05 – theorhetix02
06 – straight sound
07 – saxy dream break jazz

Press release:
“I’ve finished finetuning the material for my new self-release net-release. Released under the moniker of The Broken Awethor, “the sound of angels fighting” brings together the sort of basslines and breakbeats you might’ve come to expect from me at this point, along with some outerspace dubstep tendencies, ambient overtones, hardcore flavors, and spices of this-that-n-the-other. Experimental jungle, hard breaks, breakcore, and more clash with elements not as accustomed to yours truly for a thirty six minute heavy weight battle of otherworldly sonic constructs.

This collection takes material which has already very casually made the rounds online, along with some recent material heard at Thinktank’s Inaugural Assualt, and some brand spanking, whip cracking new shit. Considering the range of variety it covers in terms of the mindset in which the material was written and originally planned for release, coupled with the fact that it still somehow all remains a cohesive and whole unit bubbling with recurring themes – releasing it under the moniker of The Broken Awethor only seemed appropriate. It covers sounds familiar and reminiscent of material I’ve already released, along with dabblings and experiments in other things seemingly foreign.”

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Herv – Flot and Retent – free net release on

New IDM/breakcore/jungle album from Herv as a joint release on and Armed Ambitions / Organised Ideas.

Download Herv – Flot and Retent here.

Herv - Flot and Retent

1. Aoibheann
2. Cartoon Mire
3. Sleepy Cat
4. Flot and Retent
5. Chipcore9
6. Go Away
7. Skeletal
8. Looking Forward
9. I am mostly doing a noise project
10. Puppy

Press release:
“Ewan Hennelly, aka Herv, has become one of Ireland’s best-known electronic musicians over the past number of years, amassing a considerable catalogue of releases on labels both at home and abroad.

Herv’s music is a frantic swarm of 8-bit melody and syncopated percussion, punctuated by warm wind instrument and layered violin and cello lines. Live, Herv works solely with a laptop and Nintendo Gameboy. While much of his recorded output concerns itself with complex melodic and percussive interplay, his live sets lean more towards the harder end of the electronic spectrum, mixing chaotic chip tunes alongside breakcore and gabba. In the past, Herv has played with artists such as Venetian Snares, Shitmat, Jason Forrest, Duran Duran Duran, Dev/Null, Xanopticon, Hrvatski, Chevron, Aaron Spectre, Dj Scotch Egg, Ove-naxx, Doddodo, and Max Tundra.”

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