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Chris Moss Acid – The Warriors Acid EP another free release from Wrong Music

22 August, 2007 (13:05) | Acid, MP3 Release | By: Core News

Get your acid fix with this EP from Chris Moss Acid, released by Wrong Music. It’s inspired by the great movie The Warriors. Man I loved that movie back in the days. Chris Moss Acid – The Warriors Acid EP Press release: “Three 4 to the floor 303 slammer’s from the Bournouth music making macine […]

No Time To Waste compilation seeking breakcore artists

16 August, 2007 (01:06) | Breakcore, MP3 Release | By: Core News

WSicko over at is looking for artists contributing on a free online release. The “catch” is that you have to make the breakcore tune very short. Between 20 and 30 seconds to be exact. A good deal of artists are already in: 404 Error, Akira, Apzolut, AvoidAudio, Batuta, Combat Cunt, D.A. Tist, DJ Rainbow […]

Seven new free mp3 releases from Wrong Music

11 August, 2007 (02:34) | Breakcore, Experimental, Gabber, Hardcore, Mashup, MP3 Release | By: Core News

The Wrong Music site just got a new design that looks much better than the old. They have also started a new net label called Wrong Lab and the first seven releases are already out. The releases are by Popadom Pavlova, Bunglegushcore, Ladyscraper, Ebola, DJ Cheesemaster, Political Necroshemalebob and Roger Species. I haven’t had the […]

New release on Net-Lab: John Cohen – John Cohen – NL28

19 July, 2007 (22:58) | Experimental, MP3 Release | By: Core News

Some experimental stuff coming out from Net-Lab. This time from an artist I have never heard about before called John Cohen. Download it here. Tracklist: 01 _{_}_ 02 ~_§_~ 03 _(^)_ RMX 04 [][][][] 05 -__- x 06 =;= Press release: “John Cohen’s eponymous release is pregnant with tension and darkness drenched in high-pitched squeals […]

New free mp3 release from Cock Rock Disco: Ladyscraper – The Death Of Mary Poppins

16 July, 2007 (18:18) | Breakcore, Experimental, Gabber, Hardcore, MP3 Release | By: Core News

Another great release from Cock Rock Disco. This time Ladyscraper is dishing up some hardcore vibes for us. Press release thing: “Our last free album by Vorpal (~the end) continues to get glowing praise and ever higher download numbers. Now, fresh on it’s heels, comes a 43 minute behemoth of an album by England’s Ladyscraper: […]

Free release from Czech net label Amenorea

3 July, 2007 (23:49) | Breakcore, Experimental, Hardcore, MP3 Release | By: Core News

First release from the Czech net label Amenorea is a compilation with tunes from artists I have never heard about. Mostly different styles of breakcore on this one. Some very nice tunes! [AREA001] V.A. – Glam Dancefloor Tracklist: 01. Andy Omen – Definitions (3:41) 02. Blasterspheric – Forgotten Broken Souls (4:58) 03. JeRe – enclave […]

New free mp3 release from Vorpal on Cock Rock Disco

15 June, 2007 (19:48) | Breakcore, Experimental, MP3 Release | By: Core News

The Cock Rock Disco guys (it felt a little weird writing that) have been kind to us again. Vorpal is releasing an album called “The End” on CRD with lots of quality music including remixes from Cardopusher, Mothboy and mr Cock Rock Disco himself Jason Forrest. After giving it a couple of listens I believe […]

Peace Off have opened a free download section

13 June, 2007 (17:46) | Breakcore, Experimental, MP3 Release | By: Core News

First free release from Peace Off is by a Polish called Dj Trippmatic with a mix called “Break Beathoven Got Heroin”. Very sweet mix for those of us who likes hard breakcore! The download (zip file) Very impressive tracklist with lots of bangers: 1. Aaron Spectre – Alien vs. Rodigan 2. Math Head – Bonafidekilla […]

New free mp3 release: Milieu – Sophiesongs

8 May, 2007 (13:27) | IDM, MP3 Release | By: Core News

Nice to listen some laid back IDM after tons of core music. Here is a new release from Milieu on custom music records. Milieu – Sophiesongs 01. Theme 02. Greenscreen Boredoms 03. Top Bunk Breaks 04. Nights Alone In The Attic 05. Blank Disk 06. Sunroof Cruiser 07. First Time Leaving 08. Bulb Dub 09. […]

New dubstep release: TRG – Put You Down / Broken Heart – HES 001

7 May, 2007 (10:45) | Dubstep, MP3 Release, UK Garage, Vinyl release | By: Core News

“Check out the dubstep mixes section and subscribe to the feed to get updated about more dubstep news in the future.” The dubstep label Hessle Audio is out with their first release from a new Romanian producer called TRG. Tracklist: A Put You Down B Broken Heart You can buy the 12″ from a shop […]

Free mp3 release from Retrigger

4 May, 2007 (13:59) | Breakcore, Experimental, MP3 Release, Vinyl release | By: Core News

Check out this mp3 release from the Brazilian guy Retrigger. Jeanie and Caroline EP – Released in 2007 Tracklist: 01 – Jeanie and Caroline 02 – The soviet disco dog theme song 03 – Duck you sucker! 04 – The black lagoon + ABIN groove 05 – Ghettoblasta 64! 06 – Reckless driving is not […]

New mp3 release: Hum Fi Drum 002 – Prime Mover & Chuck B

2 May, 2007 (12:57) | Drum and Bass, MP3 Release, Ragga Jungle | By: Core News

New ragga jungle release on the digital label Hum Fi Drum. Tracklist: HFD002 Prime Mover & Chuck B – Down Under Prime Mover & Chuck B – Smokers Clash Smashed “In 2007 dj Satin presented Hum Fi Drum the digital outlet to the Los Angeles Drum&Bass label HumDruma Recordingz. The idea behind the new digital […]

New mp3 release: J-chot – The scene is not down with me

30 April, 2007 (20:47) | Breakcore, Experimental, MP3, MP3 Release | By: Core News

The mp3-label memoryformat is out with a new EP from J-chot. Tracklist: -Famous Quotes & Video Clips -Dude Seriously WTF? -The Scene Is Not Down With Me -ADHD ODB & The Devil -Cops Never Shut Down My Raves Because They Know My Music Will Drive Everyone Off Download the individual tracks over on memoryformat or […]