The Broken Awethor – The Sound Of Angels Fighting – free net release

Artbreaker over at is out with a net release under the moniker The Broken Awethor. Experimental dark stuff!

You can download it here.

The Broken Awethor - The Sound Of Angels Fighting

01 – theorhetix01
02 – the sound of angels fighting
03 – xappalokstep
04 – hjarnidaudi’s pain (broken)
05 – theorhetix02
06 – straight sound
07 – saxy dream break jazz

Press release:
“I’ve finished finetuning the material for my new self-release net-release. Released under the moniker of The Broken Awethor, “the sound of angels fighting” brings together the sort of basslines and breakbeats you might’ve come to expect from me at this point, along with some outerspace dubstep tendencies, ambient overtones, hardcore flavors, and spices of this-that-n-the-other. Experimental jungle, hard breaks, breakcore, and more clash with elements not as accustomed to yours truly for a thirty six minute heavy weight battle of otherworldly sonic constructs.

This collection takes material which has already very casually made the rounds online, along with some recent material heard at Thinktank’s Inaugural Assualt, and some brand spanking, whip cracking new shit. Considering the range of variety it covers in terms of the mindset in which the material was written and originally planned for release, coupled with the fact that it still somehow all remains a cohesive and whole unit bubbling with recurring themes – releasing it under the moniker of The Broken Awethor only seemed appropriate. It covers sounds familiar and reminiscent of material I’ve already released, along with dabblings and experiments in other things seemingly foreign.”

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