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Core News Sessions #7 – DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records – raggacore and breakcore

14 February, 2011 (22:00) | Breakcore, Core News Sessions, MP3, Raggacore | By: Core News

Time for a new Core News Session. With Core News Sessions #7 I have the honor of presenting you a wicked mix by DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records. The mix consists of sweet raggacore and breakcore tunes that makes you want to put on those old raving shoes. It has been some time since I last listened to this kind of music, but I really enjoyed this mix.
Parasite also runs the music shop where I have shopped records many times. In addition to releasing this mix today it is Parasites birthday. Happy birthday Parasite!

Here is what Parasite got to say about this mix:
“This DJ Mix goes out to all the followers of the Core who keep the scene alive & kicking. It’s about straight-up love of fresh & innovative music and the passion to share these sounds with you. Some of the artists featured in this mix are well known, but some you’ve may have never heard of. They span the globe, and are all making music for the love of it! So if you like what you hear, please support these artists, buy their music, go to their gigs and tell your friends…it’s the only way the scene will evolve.
– DJ Parasite (”

Core News Sessions #7 – DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records – raggacore and breakcore by Core News on Mixcloud

Core News Sessions #7 - DJ Parasite of Deathsucker Records
01. Candlestickmaker – Don’t Worry About Me
02. The DSC – Herbalist (Deathsucker/Life4Land)
03. Fujiko Meijin – NONONONO [Rattan Child Remix] (Node)
04. Fujiko Meijin – The Narita Mountain (Node)
05. Fujiko Meijin – Person of Midsummer Destruction (Node)
06. Herv – At the Moment of Commitment, the Universe Conspires to Assit You (Cock Rock Disco)
07. Shitmat – Dread Meat (Wrong Music)
08. FFF – Sensation (Murder Channel)
09. Axewound – What’s Wrong Dub ft. YT (Amental)
10. FFF – The Power (Murder Channel)
11. Carl Brown – Jungle Lord (Amental)
12. Dr…um – Get The Fuck Up (Amental)
13. Candlestickmaker – 107049
14. FFF – Own [Newk remix] (Murder Channel)
15. Ruby My Dear – Building Steam With A Grain of Salt
16. Herv – A Hare’s Rush (Cock Rock Disco)
17. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
18. Gizmode – 6000000 Waye to Dye Corduroy (Marionette)
19. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
20. Graz – Huffing Gasoline ft. The H8rs (Fukdup / Reactionary)
21. Venetian Snares – Ultraviolent Junglist (Timesig)
22. Carl Brown – Tesco Value Gabba II
23. Dev/Null – Zombie Sunset (Cock Rock Disco)
24. Ruby My Dear – So What (Peace Off)
25. Ruby My Dear – Fire Bumbaka (Peace Off)
26. Carl Brown – tesco Value Gabba II

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Comment from Carl Brown
Time February 16, 2011 at 12:46 am

Thanks man! I’m sure I’ve sold a few more Gabbas than usual, maybe it’s because of this. Email me if you want some more mixable versions of the stuff on the Gabba EP.

Comment from AdolfEinstein
Time February 21, 2011 at 12:21 pm

Love that Jurassic Park cover!
From which track is it?

Comment from Sam Healy
Time March 4, 2011 at 6:43 pm

I certainly picked up a copy of Tesco Value Gabba after listening to this, ridiculous stuff. I was sold on it after Jurassic Park!

Comment from Parasite
Time April 5, 2011 at 11:22 pm

hi Carl,

thanks you for the offer! please send me your email address…would love to rinse some of your wares!!!



Comment from Carl Brown
Time April 6, 2011 at 1:25 pm

Send me yours and I’ll link you up 🙂

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