Crusader – On-Line Raggacore Consultation mix

Here is a massive raggacore mix by Crusader (a DJ hailing from Ukraine). By massive I mean really massive as the mix consists of two hours packed with wicked raggacore tunes from the likes of Venetian Snares, Bong-Ra, Cardopusher and many more.

Crusader – On-Line Raggacore Consultation

1. Dr. Bastardo – Dubplate Assault [Peace Off]
2. Krumble – Time To Burn [Death$ucker Records]
3. Stivs – I Ain’t Working No More [Death$ucker Records]
4. Amboss – ??? [kool.POP]
5. Machine Girl – It [Ad Noiseam]
6. DJ Floorclearer – Gothmog [Proboscus]
7. The Teknoist – Have You Seen [Ad Noiseam]
8. Line 47 – Thousand Year Descent (Into Ruffness) [Alphacut Records]
9. Venetian Snares – Integraation [Planet Mu]
10. Bong Ra – Nomina Nuda Tenemus [Zhark]
11. Electric Kettle – Curiosity Skills Foxes [Peace Off]
12. Pisstank – Punching Your Girlfriend’s Cunt ‘Til It Bleeds [Death$ucker Records]
13. Alan Titmash – Sexy Fart [Blunt Force Trauma]
14. Math Head – Bonafidekilla (Aaron Spectre Mix) [Reduced Phat]
15. Animosity & Drumcorps – Thin Retro God [Man Alive Recordings]
16. J-Chot Capt Lou Albano Is An Acting Genius [Kamikaze Club]
17. Istari Lasterfahrer – Kill A Groove [Sozialistischer Plattenbau]
18. Mochipet – Laffy-Taffy [Peace Off]
19. Droon – Hold The West In Hand [Wood]
>>Phone Call Silence
20. Shitmat – His Dad Is A Maltese, His Mom Is A Malti-Poo [Ad Noiseam]
21. Droon – Cripplefight (Original) [Wood]
22. Amph – Mambo Mind [Mutant Sniper]
23. Zombieflesheater – Why Not [Sonic Belligeranza]
24. Kos + Raw & Uncut Babilon Life [Intellectual Violence]
25. Drop The Lime – Melting [Mirex]
26. DJ /rupture Ruptch – “A_ttak (Rotator Descarriada Remix) [Broklyn Beats]
27. Teknoist, The & Scheme Boy Leppers On Garys [Bang A Rang]
28. Cardopusher- Fighters Unite [Brothers In Blood]
29. Made In Made & 25Segments – Canta Per Me [Allergy Records]
30. Rotator – Black Flag [Peace Off]
31. Drumcorps – Down [Cock Rock Disco]
32. Flashbulb – Lawn Wake I [Sublight Records]
33. Venetian Snares – Die Winnipeg die die die Fuckers Die [Bang a Rang]
34. Shatterbreak – Stygian Storm Chamber [Thac0]
35. Acrnym – Sexx Pimp [Death$ucker Records]
36. Duran Duran Duran – Hairmetal [Mutant Sniper]
37. Sickboy – Kamidiskee [Peace Off]
38. Shen – Trust One [Homicide]
39. Krumble – Hoarse Fire [Damage]
40. Rotator-Make it Ruff [Drosstik]
41. AAAAA – S.M.V. [Kamikaze Club]
42. Ozzy Ozwald – Ultra Violent Korova [Kamikaze Club]
43. Johnny Clash – Movement [Death$ucker Records]
44. Cardopusher – Hot Fun In The Summertime [Wood]
45. Cardopusher – I’m Going To Rave Your Ass Up Like An Accident [Peace Off]
46. Death Storm – ??? [Fathme Records]

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6 thoughts on “Crusader – On-Line Raggacore Consultation mix”

  1. listenning to it right now and….loving it….satan should talk to jesus to get into breakcore…….electric kettle is sick….he dropped all the big names and all… it

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