New promo mix and release from Psychofreud

The Norwegian ragga jungle/drum&bass artist Psychofreud is out with a new release and promo mix.

Psychofreud promo mix
00:00 – Robert Levy “Kill any sound” dubplate
00:41 – Duckman “Who dem bwoy” dubplate
01:17 – Shott Dawg “Kingpin” dubplate
02:15 – John Holt “Kill them” dubplate
04:14 – PsychoFreud “Murda Charge”
08:51 – PsychoFreud “Come Around”
13:07 – PsychoFreud “Conqueror”
17:34 – Prime Mover & Chuck B “We’re Survivors” PsychoFreud Remix [Bass Rejects #4]
22:27 – PsychoFreud “Warrior” [Knowledge & Wisdom]
29:27 – PsychoFreud “Follow Me”
34:31 – PsychoFreud “Rush Dem”
39:29 – PsychoFreud “Mary”
43:45 – Murry Man “Stupid Soundbwoy” dubplate

He is also out with a new release on his own label Bass Rejects. This time together with Jacky Murda of Chopstick Dubplate.
bass rejects

Side A : Jacky Murda – “Murderer” (mp3 preview)
Side B : PsychoFreud remix (mp3 preview)

You can buy it over on Nu Urban Music.

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