Drum and Bass mix from Mumblz

Don’t know much about this guy Mumblz, but seems like he have released stuff on Evol Intent so that is a quality sign.

Here is a new mix from him done for a radio show called Twisted Frequency.


ewun-screw up vip (mumblz intro vip)
demo-ready for war
arsenic-hollowpoint (axis & trank rmx)
mumblz-darkside of hell
dom and gridlok-londons burning
nocturnal and vicious circle-welcome to shanktown
moving fusion-the beginning(keaton & hive rmx)
eye d & counterstrike-the grind
mumblz & switch technique- killer headache
mumblz & switch tech-promise to kill
bse-cooler (audio rmx)
eye-d – untitled
evol intent-ewun-vc – odd number
mumblz & switch tech – gunz
Lethal & Khan-Fuck You tease
evol intent-street knowledge
~hiphop drop~
paperclip-refraction(mumblz&fixation rmx)
evol intent-corrupt cops vip
~last tune~ mumz-emp x and cenobites-undergrounds our style

Sorry if there are some errors in the tracklist!

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