What happened to breakcore? [Core News Comment]

A couple of years ago breakcore was my favorite genre that I couldn’t stop listening to. Breakcore felt fresh, it was full of energy and was even a tad original. I loved checking out the latest Venetian Snares album, everything from the Death$ucker label and could dance my ass off if breakcore was played out in clubs.

But recently I hardly ever listen to breakcore. When a track comes on my mp3-player I just skip it and the thought of dancing to breakcore sounds stressful.

I don’t think I’m the only one with a lack of interest in breakcore. Lots of producers and labels have turned their focus elsewhere and I hardly ever see the music being played in clubs.

Why have there been such a downturn for the core?
There are a few highly skilled artists who manage to churn out good breakcore tunes, but at the height of the “breakcore era” we saw tons of bedroom artists emerging. This was great and all, but for some reason I got really bored with breakcore at this time. Even the big artists couldn’t get my start nodding. To me it seemed like breakcore had totally stalled and becoming bit of a parody of itself.
At the same time I had fallen deeply in love with dubstep and I find that dubstep has a much broader sound spectrum compared to the narrower spectrum in breakcore. This keep the dubstep sound fresh even after the genre has matured, while breakcore rehashes the same old sound with little variation.
To me breakcore has a bleak future, but it would be cool if it developed into something else..

What do you think about the state of breakcore?
Please leave your musings in the comment field below, and links to potential breakcore that might be interesting 🙂

-Thomas of Core News