New compilation coming from Sublight Records

Sublight Records is releasing their second compilation CD this June. Looks like a wicked release!
You can listen to some previews here.

1. No Servant – Datach’i
2. Law School – Lynx And Ram
3. Ego Go – Belladonnakillz
4. For Him – Sincere Trade
5. Party People – Donna Summer
6. No Sponge – Acrnym
7. Our Furry Past Life – The Flashbulb
8. The Final Night – Not Breathing
9. Trylledild – Puzzleweasel
10. Humdrumdrum III – Not Half
11. The Springtime Swift – Mark Swift
12. Tabula Rasa – Gareth Clarke
13. Strict Egg – Ra
14. Bustin Loose – Duran Duran Duran
15. Reptilian Cell Matter – Ebola
16. Fear – Enduser
17. Metalphetermines – Fanny

“Following the extremely well recieved 2006 smasher “Eyelicker” here comes another no filler CD compilation of 17 previously unreleased tracks from artists DONNA SUMMER, DATACH’I, ENDUSER, THE FLASHBULB, PUZZLEWEASEL, DURAN DURAN DURAN, RA, BELLADONNAKILLZ, LYNX AND RAM, SINCERE TRADE, GARETH CLARKE, EBOLA as well as other new and vetran sublight artists churning out exclusive never before released tracks. “Imaginary Friends” CD comes out July 3rd, 2007 on Sublight.”

Mix from General Malice – WestCoast Resurrection vol.1

Seems like General Malice have lately turned to harder drum and bass. Check out his new mix WestCoast Resurrection vol.1.
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General Malice - WestCoast Resurrection vol.1
1: intro feat. Louie Rankin (the movie BellY)
2: Mumblz – “ether binge”
3: Counterstrike – “bodybag”
4: Devils Rejects – “true nature of pain”
5: The Outside Agency – “garou densetsu 2”
6: Evol Intent – “street knowledge”
7: Mumblz – “testing reality”
8: Counterstrike – “white light”
9: General Malice & Prodigal Son – “original nuttah VIP”
10:Su3-ject & Bad Matter – “the dreamer”
11:Counterstrike, SPL, Limewax – “killing machine”
12:Equilibrium – “cold blooded”
13:0=0 – “yes you are”
14:General Malice – “pull out your cut”
15:SP Fusion – “jambala (vocal mix)”
16:General Malice – “wheels fall off”
17:E-Sassin & RAW – “sound storm”
– MC Unprediktable – “how many mc’s”
18:Resonant Evil – “fast trip”
19:Equilibrium – “panic room”
20:Equilibrium – “terrorform RMX”
21:General Malice – “wishing on a nastyway VIP”

New podcast mix of Sublight tunes from XLR8R magazine

Seems like breakcore is getting some hype..
The Flashbulb made a mix for XLR8R magazine.

Taken from 2007/05/podcast_sublight_records.
“Since 2004, Winnipeg, Canada’s Sublight Records has been a crucial force in the breakcore and experimental electronic stratospheres, releasing albums from bedroom maniacs Servants of the Apocalyptic Goat Rave, The Gasman, and Ebola (just listen to the names!).

In homage to the headache-inducing label and its fleet of artists, XLR8R commissioned Benn Jordan (a.k.a. The Flashbulb) to compile a mix of the scratchy, doomy, spazzed-out ‘core we’ve come to embrace over the past few years. Featuring anti-hits from the likes of Venetian Snares, Richard Devine, and Wisp, our latest podcast will rip you to shreds. Hear his mix now, exclusively at the XLR8R Podcast DJ Mix Series.”

Here is the download:
1. Puzzleweasel “FODHOVL”
2. Mark Swift “The Midsummers Swift”
3. Richard Devine “Arc Acid”
4. Wisp “Untethered”
5. The Flashbulb “The Sun And The Star”
6. Enduser “Interruption “1
7. Ebola “Wet T-shirt DSP”
8. Venetian Snares “Yip Yaps”
9. Belladonnakillz “The Man”
10. Datach’i “Lilian”
11. Gareth Clarke “Espirit De Corps”
12. Mr. Projectile “You Need (Cepia Mix)”
13. Synthamesk “Black Sky”
14. The Gasman “Qunce”
15. Lynx And Ram “Walls Are Melting”
16. Acrnym “Kate Says Aye”

Here is the podcast Podcast_Mix_2007_05_03.m4a

Free mp3 release from Retrigger

Check out this mp3 release from the Brazilian guy Retrigger.

Jeanie and Caroline EP – Released in 2007

01 – Jeanie and Caroline
02 – The soviet disco dog theme song
03 – Duck you sucker!
04 – The black lagoon + ABIN groove
05 – Ghettoblasta 64!
06 – Reckless driving is not a sin
07 – Mean a swing (a remix of a Benny Goodman song)
08 – Duck you sucker! (Remixed by Maladroit)
09 – Seduce Jeanie and kill Caroline (Composed with Adam Strang)

Download the individual tracks over on his is audio page or all of them as a RAR-file.

Also check out his 12″ on the label Phantomnoise. This is a release by his side project ARREBITE. You can listen to the tracks and buy the 12″ here.

New release: Cardopusher – Red Red Blood – DAM 12.009

New 12″ from the hard working man Cardopusher on the label Damage, a sub-label of Peace Off records.

“After a course of ‘pot belge’ (amphetabreaks – analgedrum – herosamples – cocaragga …) ‘El Doctor de Caracas’ gives us a transfusion of his RED RED BLOOD! Damage 12.009.
An explosive cocktail for this summer full of rising breaks, frenzied drum rolls, massive ragga style n’crazy samples.
Exceed the stated dose’n’bun da danceflow!
Artwork by dzgnbio.”

A1 – 25 Years for murder
B1 – Jamaican tang
B2 – Blood splattered

Cardopusher - Red Red Blood

You can listen to some snippets and buy it over at switch records.

April newsletter from Cock Rock Disco including 2 free mp3 releases

Jason Forrest is bringing us the latest news from the Cock Rock Disco camp.

“Hello again!
It’s been ages since we sent out a newsletter, and we’re sorry to have been so slack, but we haven’t been just sitting around either!

At last, Dev/Null!!
Yes, after 3 years in the making, Dev/Null has finally delivered his epic master-work/debut album: Lazer Thrash! WOW! It’s a bullet-train ride through splatter breakcore with references to grindcore, happy hardcore, rave and splatter films. If you’re looking for the edges of what is possible in music- Dev/Null is it!

Here’s the link to stream a megamix of the entire album, plus see awesome live videos of the man in action:

Here’s an awesome free Mp3:

And here’s the link to buy the entire record for only 8 US Dollars!

Ok! This is what we like, Free music!!! Cock Rock Disco now has a new section devoted to high-quality free downloadable music. And to properly kick it off in 2007, we have 2 new releases:

New mix: Zajko – Spaceman Spliff Session 15

Different styles in this mix from the Canadian man Zajko.

Rapidgator download

1. Zajko – The beast that stalks the halls of sub-level 3
2. Plasticman – Camel Ride
3. Boxcutter – Hyloz
4. Milanese – Mr. Bad News
5. connect_icut – Birdies Is/Birdies Ain’t
6. Enduser – Another door opens
7. Venetian Snares – Senki Dala & Ongyilkos Vasarnap (Bong-Ra Remix)
8. Amon Tobin – Bloodstone
9. Four Tet – Hands
10. Clark – Matthew Unburdened
11. Capitol K – Breakers
12. Arovane & Phonem – Valid
13. Somatic Responses – Eight
14. Emotional Joystick – giorni di malattia
15. Edward J Devane – Money for Beer?
16. Limbertimbre – Funny
17. Cylobotnia – Got My Pass

New release: FFF – Wreck havoc vol one

After more than 3 years Berlin based label Mindbender is back again joining forces with FFFs very own label Orange Socks to release a Killer vinyl!

This time FFF gives us his quality hyper jungle with a heart for old school and a foggy twisted housey feel. No ragga vocals on this one!

This release is a tribute to the series of Events which are being held under the name Wreck havoc in Rotterdam, by a group of people which rose out of the ashes of the now legendary Breakcore a go-go.


A: The call
B: Ease the pressure

FFF - wreck havoc vol one vinyl

FFF on myspace.

Aaron Spectre dubstep mix recorded for London’s Resonance FM

Aaron Spectre – Reptile Dub
The download.

1. Wonder – What – Dump Valve
2. Nine Inch Nails – Reptile – Nothing
3. Elemental – Deep Under – Hot Flush
4. Shackleton – Tin Foil Sky – Skull Disco
5. DJ C – Acid Bounce – Dub
6. Toasty Boy – Dreamweavers – Storming
7. Elemental – Soulfire – Destructive
8. Search & Destroy – Dub Weapon
9. Search & Destroy – Killamanjaro
10. Mark One – The Bomb – Southside Dubstars
11. Toasty Boy – Splash – Destructive
12. Warlock – More Wanted – Rag & Bone
13. Slaughter Mob – Saddam – Soulja
14. Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Solid Groove Remix)
15. Aaron Spectre – One Two – Dub
16. Sky City Rising – Fever Gasp – Broklyn Beats
17. Aaron Spectre – Music is the Weapon – Dub
18. Vex’d – Lion – Subtext
19. Buju Banton – Vigilante
20. Vex’d – Lion VIP – Planet Mu
21. Noisia – The Tide – Vision
22. Basis – An Army of Clones – Dub
23. Soundmurderer – Soundclash – Rewind
24. General Malice – Kill ‘Em All – N2O
25. Aaron Spectre & Prodigal Son – Say Yeh – Mindtrick Dub
26. Mochipet – Botan Rice Breaks (Aaron Spectre remix) – Daly City Dub
27. Drumcorps – Terrible Things – Ad Noiseam / CRD
28. Drumcorps – Forgive and Forget – Ad Noiseam / CRD

+ misc live triggered beats & samples
Originally aired on Resonance 104.4 FM, London UK
December 18 2006

Check out his website.

GoatLab Radio April 2007

GoatLab Radio April 2007
(Feat. Anakissed, Parasite, Anarchist606 & special guest The Teknoist)


1. Enter Shikari – Return to Energiser
2. Candie Hank – Le Desastre
3. DJ Richard Hillman – Blanka’s Mum
4. Gareth Clarke – Afterimage
5. Maladroit – Ia! Ia! Cthulthu Ftagh
6. Mark Almond – What Makes a Man a Man
7. Sonic Death Rabbit – Miami Chinchilla
8. Blam – Jazzcore??
9. Intestinal Disease – No Way Out
10. The Teknoist – Unheard Voices
11. Marianne Faithful – Working Class Hero
12. Microphyst – Taking Chances with Oncoming Traffic
13. Hellfish & Brian Fury – UK Scum
14. Elvis – Are you Lonely Tonight
15. Hoonboy – 50p Wonkstep

The download.

Check out their website.

goatlab radio