Goatlab Radio September 2009 with Parasite & Dan Gusset

The Goatlab Radio show is back with a Septmber 2009 addition. The hosts are Parasite and Dan Gusset, and they give us lots of nice tracks, from dubstep to breakcore, including one from my good friend Kamerat Tord.
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Goatlab Radio September 2009 with Parasite & Dan Gusset [Direct download]

Milanese vs Run DMC – Cold Adidas (Bun-E) [rar download link]
T-Toe – Big Girls (Ideation)
Gusset – Databent UrbEx (Weft)
Michael J Rocks – Stop Breaking My ARP (Ninja Columbo ZoMbfree)
Pidgin – Crash (Dub)
Monster Zoku Onsomb! – Children of the Atom [Mirra & Fay remix] (Death$ucker)
Sneaky – Open House (Big Chill)
Propa Tingz ft Dakini – Babylons Scared (Freaks of Nature)
Gasman – Cliq (Centrefuge)
Sine Hacker – Consequence (Weft)
Sunken Foal – A Beard of Mercury Switches (Relay)
Kamerat Tord – The Billow Maidens (Death$ucker)
Seekae – Crooks (Ideation)
Endah – Your Soul is Mine (Ninja Columbo ZoMbfree)

Parasite – Battlegrounds Ravecore Mini Mix – breakcore

Also check out the Core News Session that Parasite did for this blog.
Parasite of Death$ucker Records has made a short mix promoting a Wrong music event. Some nice breakcore in this mix!
My good mate Kamerat Tord got two tunes in this mix and he will soon have a wicked record out on Death$ucker Records.

Parasite – Battlegrounds Ravecore Mini Mix

1. Parasite – Now Get iLL (dub)
2. The Teknoist – Richie Loves Breakcore (Death$ucker)
3. Kolakid – Can’t Hide Your Love (dub)
4. Shitmat – Invibible Hardcore (Death$ucker)
5. Kamerat Tord – Raveskipper (Death$ucker)
6. Kamerat Tord – Morans (Death$ucker)
7. Krumble – Autobahn (Death$ucker)
8. Psilodump – Drop (Hand Baked Records)
9. Graz – Ibiza Amen Massacre (dub)
10. Foxdye – Tacompton MDMA Booty Bang (Fukdup)
11. Gizmode – TechSik Duncehall (Death$ucker) / Krumble – Sugar Paradise (Death$ucker)
12. Foxdye – Tigercore (Heartcore Records)

Goatlab Radio October 2008 with Parasite & Anakissed & Dan Gusset

The October 2008 version of Goatlab Radio is out and is hosted by Parasite, Dan Gusset and Anakissed. Some really nice breakcore tracks this month. My faves are Jilk – Gobble Lawless Kids (CDR) and a track from my good mate Kamerat Tord. Parasite hints that Kamerat Tord might be released on Death$ucker Records!!
We also get two interviews (bit low audio quality) with Frog Pocket and Hardoff.

Goatlab Radio October 2008 with Parasite & Anakissed & Dan Gusset

1. Square Root of Evil – May the Dud Be With You (Killer Bytes)
2. DJ C – Set Me Free From This Wicked Game (Mashit)
3. Jilk – Gobble Lawless Kids (CDR)
4. Milch of Source – Wonderstruck Animals (live)
5. Billy Ocean – Get Out of My Dreams
6. Cardopusher – Yes Extender (dub)
7. Dev/Null – Gorechestra (Cock Rock Disco)
8. Kamerat Tord – Spiegel (demo)
9. Au2pilot – Punk Party (Sociopath Recordings)
10. Shy Child – Technicrats (Milch of Sourse remix)

Goatlab Radio September 2008 with Parasite & Anakissed & Anarchist 606

Here is the latest edition of Goatlab Radio. A bit of breakcore and other crazy music like metal and punk. Always enjoyable to listen to this radio show and a big kudos for bringing up social issues!

Goatlab Radio September 2008

1. Drumcorps & Animosity – Mobs Over, Rob Me (Man Alive)
2. Spalien Acecraft – Orange for a Head
3. Stu – Bombabazooka (Hand Baked Records)
4. Anaal Nathrakk – Solifugae/Der Holle Rache Kocht in Meinem Herzen
5. Dokkebi Q – unknown (demo)
6. Spanner – Space Invaders
7. Monster Zoku Onsomb! – Matahorn Stabs (Death$ucker)
8. Holy Moses – Heaven vs Hell/Preincess of Hell
9. Skuge – Untitled (Demo)
10. Warst – Battle Horn
11. Dusk & Blackdwon – Kuri Pataka (The Firecracker Girl) (feat Teji & Farrah)
12. DHC Meinhof – Revolution Action

GoatLab Radio April 2008 with Parasite, Anakissed and special guest DJ Lumpy

The 2008 April edition of GoatLab Radio is out. This time Anakissed and Parasite got DJ Lumpy as guest. Expect a lot of silliness from this gang 😉
I love the Damian Marley tune!

GoatLab Radio April 2008 with Parasite, Anakissed and special guest DJ Lumpy

1. DJ Rainbow Ejaculation – Hot Cock From Acid [DJ Anal Erection Baltimore Breaks Mix] (Death$ucker/Cock Rock Disco)
2. The Beatbox Saboteurs – MF Knees Up
3. Le Jad – A Princess On My Horse (Peace Off)
4. Bernard Cribbins – Hole In The Ground
5. Johnny Poi & His Orchestra – Ola Nika Loa
6. DJ Rainbow Ejaculation – Ronald McShitmats Two Room Circus (Death$ucker/Cock Rock Disco)
7. DJ Lumpy – Starship Nothing
8. DJ Donna Summer – Sweet Assed Child O Mine (dub)
9. The Regents – 7teen
10. Shitmat – Cripplefight (Wood)
11. DJ Nono – Supercalifragibreaks
12. Damian Jr. Gong Marley – The Mission
13. Plus-Tech Squeeze Box – Sabotage