Goatlab Radio September 2008 with Parasite & Anakissed & Anarchist 606

Here is the latest edition of Goatlab Radio. A bit of breakcore and other crazy music like metal and punk. Always enjoyable to listen to this radio show and a big kudos for bringing up social issues!

Goatlab Radio September 2008

1. Drumcorps & Animosity – Mobs Over, Rob Me (Man Alive)
2. Spalien Acecraft – Orange for a Head
3. Stu – Bombabazooka (Hand Baked Records)
4. Anaal Nathrakk – Solifugae/Der Holle Rache Kocht in Meinem Herzen
5. Dokkebi Q – unknown (demo)
6. Spanner – Space Invaders
7. Monster Zoku Onsomb! – Matahorn Stabs (Death$ucker)
8. Holy Moses – Heaven vs Hell/Preincess of Hell
9. Skuge – Untitled (Demo)
10. Warst – Battle Horn
11. Dusk & Blackdwon – Kuri Pataka (The Firecracker Girl) (feat Teji & Farrah)
12. DHC Meinhof – Revolution Action

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