Robert Hood – Dekmantel Podcast 120 2017-05-01

“Underground Resistance founder Robert Hood is one of the pioneering old guard who is still doing it right today. He is the epitome of Detroit house and techno, serving up pulsing minimal, and has been since the early nineties. Last year he joined our label for a series of three EPs entitled Paradygm Shift and a full length which will see the light of day the 22nd of May. The project is aimed to take techno out of its current comfort zone and very much did so, as does Hood himself whenever he plays one of our parties.
Now he has served up the latest mix in our series and once again subverts expectation. His hour long Paradygm Shift Mix water no time in establishing a rock solid kick drum, and then proceeds to colour the airwaves around it with hypnotic hi hat loops, rougher claps, and raw synths. As ever with Hood, it is a bouncy and fast moving mix that hurries you along at a great rate, but because there are so many thrills along the way, you are more than willing to go wherever he wants to take you.”

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Robert Hood - Dekmantel Podcast 120 2017-05-01

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