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Special Request – Dekmantel Podcast 142 2017-10-02

5 October, 2017 (16:49) | Electronic music | By: Core News

“Paul Woolford’s Special Request alias has developed into so much more than the jungle and breakbeat project it started as. Proof of that comes this month with his Belief System LP, a magnum opus spread across four slabs of vinyl. The first half is a techno trip full of visceral twists and turns scattered with […]

Byron The Aquarius – Dekmantel Podcast 133 – 2017-07-31

2 August, 2017 (09:19) | Electronic music, House | By: Core News

“Byron the Aquarius is on a roll. As well as being a key proponent in the American house scene, and after a time spent as a producer for others, he is now making very much part of the conversation over in Europe. His music has landed on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature, Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats […]

London Modular Alliance – Dekmantel Podcast 124 2017-05-29

30 May, 2017 (21:56) | Electronic music | By: Core News

“Any of you synth freaks out there will know all about London Modular Alliance. It is the alias of a live electronic act made up of Koova, Yes Effect and Pip Williams, but is also a much loved and cult synth shop of the same name in Hackney, London. In the club, London Modular Alliance […]

Matrixxman – Dekmantel Podcast 123 2017-05-22

22 May, 2017 (22:04) | Electronic music, Techno | By: Core News

“This week we turn to another close Dekmantel family member in Matrixxman. In just a couple of years the American has emerged as one of the foremost producers in the house and techno world. His rugged analogue sounds have come thick and fast over nearly 20 EPs and are famous for their balance of quality, […]

Robert Hood – Dekmantel Podcast 120 2017-05-01

2 May, 2017 (22:47) | Techno | By: Core News

“Underground Resistance founder Robert Hood is one of the pioneering old guard who is still doing it right today. He is the epitome of Detroit house and techno, serving up pulsing minimal, and has been since the early nineties. Last year he joined our label for a series of three EPs entitled Paradygm Shift and […]

Mumdance – Dekmantel Podcast 119 2017-04-24

26 April, 2017 (12:12) | Bass Music | By: Core News

“Mumdance embraces a much wider world of sound than many. The UK producer is an experienced collaborator who grounds his sounds in anything from grime to breaks, techno to hardcore, experimental to world and afro. Making textured noise with a module set up, playing sets that run a dizzying gamut of genres and performing live […]

Felix Dickinson – Dekmantel Podcast 109 2017-02-13

16 February, 2017 (09:47) | House | By: Core News

“Felix Dickinson’s story is closely linked with the story of house. He has been playing it (and making it legal to do so via his pre criminal justice act rave orchestration) since day one, has held decade long residencies in Japan and has made it under names ranging from Foolish and Sly to Bastedos. Besides […]

Elena Colombi – Dekmantel Podcast 107 2017-01-30

1 February, 2017 (09:39) | Electronic music | By: Core News

“Elena Colombi likes the weird and wonderful things in music. Her show on NTS proves that, skipping as it does from techno to EBM, post punk to industrial and wave music with an always inquisitive ear. An under-the-radar regular at some choice parties around London for years, she is sure to break out into the […]

Kowton – Dekmantel Podcast 069 2016-05-09

11 May, 2016 (16:38) | Electronic music | By: Core News

“UK DJ and producer Kowton admits that he is obsessed with sound. For the past five years he has been locked away in Bristol with the likes of Peverelist and Asusu working on perfecting the most hi fidelity, highly functional bass and techno that he can. It has lead him to release on influential labels […]

B.Traits 2016-04-23 with Marcel Dettmann, Dekmantel and Hodge

23 April, 2016 (10:59) | B.Traits, Bass Music, Electronic music, House | By: Core News

“Hodge drops a Dance Floor Mix, Dutch label Dekmantel are the Label Mates, and Marcel Dettmann goes Back 2 Back with B.Traits in the final hour of the show!” Check out other B.Traits shows here and subscribe to the feed to get good music in the future. B.Traits 2016-04-23 with Marcel Dettmann, Dekmantel and Hodge […]