FACT mix 60 by Kowton/Narcossist – dubstep and house

Lately I’ve been enjoying some of the mixes that FACT Magazine has released. The latest one I’ve been listening to is by FACT mix 60 by a guy known as Kowton and Narcossist. He plays a blend of dubstep and house that IMHO think is perfect for late midsummer nights in northern Scandinavia 😉
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FACT mix 60 by Kowton/Narcossist [Mediafire download]

Selector Dub U – Way Running [dub]
Kareem Mossee – Untitled A [Workshop]
Cherenkov – Radiation [Clone]
Steve Summer – Shake the House [Clone]
Wbeeza – Hurricane [Third Ear]
Theo Parrish – Paradise Architects [Sound Signature]
Move D – Jus House [Uzuri]
Kowton – + 46 [dub]
Omar S – Ask the Lonely [FXHE]
Prosumer – Turn Around (Cassys Smooth Mix) [Ostgut]
Karizma – Groove Accordingly [R2 Records]
Schwanbeck – Spending Days (version) [dub]
Luke Hess – Motor Dub [FXHE]
Indigo – Grains [dub]
Scuba – Negative [Nakedlunch Dub]
Narcossist – Cold Brew {Clandestine Cultivations]
Jus Wan – Submersive (Scuba remix) [Nakedlunch Dub]