Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 08 19 Akatombo, Greena and Health

Mary Anne Hobbs Radio 1
Three more mixes from upcoming artists on Mary Anne Hobbs this week. The artists are Akatombo, Greena and Health.

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 08 19 Akatombo, Greena and Health [Hotfile download]

Hudson Mohawke – ‘Shower Melody’ from the LP ‘Butter’ (Warp)
Luciano – ‘Oenologue’ from the LP ‘Tribute To The Sun’ (Cadenza)
Cataracs feat. The Pack – ‘Blueberry Afghani’ [BD1982 Bootleg Remix] (Dubplate)
Gemmy – ‘Wata Down Sound’ (Dubplate)
Pearson Sound – ‘Plsn’ (Hessle Audio)
Flying Lotus – ‘Testament’ [Breakage Bill’s Suit Mix] from ‘L.A. EP 3X3’ (Warp)
Mungoes Hi-Fi feat Earl 16 – ‘International Roots’ [LD mix] (Dubplate)
TRG – ‘Strobe Lick’ (Dubplate)

Tracklisting to follow…

Akatombo – ‘Bedlam’ (SWIM)
Akatombo – ‘Friend for Hire’ (Hand-Held)
Akatombo – ‘Ponderlust” from Trace Elements (SWIM)
Akatombo – ‘Pragmatism’ (Hand-Held)
Akatombo – ‘The Sand Collector’ (Hand-Held)
Akatombo – ‘Portable Pariah’ (Hand-Held)
Akatombo – ‘A Prior Disengagement’ (Hand-Held)

Gold Panda – ‘Quitters Raga’
Pictureplane – ‘Cyclical Cyclical’ (Atlantis)
Brian Eno & David Bryne – ‘Regiment’
Tickley Feather – ‘Keyboards Is Drunk’
Alex Pacheco – ‘Tall Grass’
Mike Oldfield – ‘North Star’

Cluekid – ‘Original Tearout’ (White Label)
Anti Pop Consortium – ‘Volcano’ From the LP ‘Fluorescent Black’ (Big Dada)
Dizz1 – ‘Walk On’ (Dubplate)
Talen feat Cutty Ranks – ‘Sniper Sniper – A Cutty Ranks Tale’ from ‘The Kingston Book’ (Mouthwatering)
Darqwan – ‘Jah Wan’ (Dubplate)
Seeming To – ‘Deer’ from the LP ‘Seaming Oh Sing At Me’ (Dubplate)
Appeal – ‘Segregated’ from the LP/mixtape ‘Art Beats’ – Download free here
Calibre – ‘Let Me Hold You’ (Signature)

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