Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 01 30 with Harmonic 313

This weeks Mary Anne Hobbs got a mix from Harmonic 313.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 01 30 with Harmonic 313 [Filesonic download]

Benga ‘The Cut’ from the LP ‘Diary Of An Afro Warrior’ (Tempa)
Das Kraftfuttermischwerk – ‘Chocolate In Nushells’ (Thinner)
Cadence Weapon – ‘House Music’ from the LP ‘Afterparty Babies’ (Dig Dada)
System 7 – ‘Space Bird’ (Dubfire Deep Space mix) (A-Wave)
Rustie – ‘Cafe De Phresh’ (Stuff)
Caro Intelecto – ‘Gone To The Dogs’ (Modern Love)
Nia Jai feat. the Manni Allstars – ‘Thow Ya M’s Up’ (White Chalk Music)
Snoleoparden – ‘Den Evige’ from the LP ‘Snoleoparden’ (Rump)
Skream & Cluekid – ‘Sandsnake‘ (Disfigured Dubs)
Tawiah – ‘Every Step’ (Zed Bias remix) (Sick Trumpet)
Shackleton feat. Vengeance Tenfold – ‘Death Is Not Final’ T++ mix (Skull Disco)
Harmonic 313 – ‘Call To Arms’ (Warp)

Harmonic 313 Mix
Rustie – ‘Zig Zag’ (Wireblock)
Drexciya 4 – ‘Take your mind’ (Submerge)
Flying Lotus – ‘$tunts’ (Warp)
Black Milk feat. Phat Kat and Elzhi – ‘Goatit’ (Music House)
Samiyam – ‘Fireball’ (White Label)
Magic Mojig – ‘The Claw’ (White Label)
Harmonic 313 – ‘The Dawn’ (Warp)
Harmonic 313 – ‘Neon’ (Warp)
Heralds of Change – ‘Spotted’ (All City)
Harmonic 313 – ‘Cyclotron’ (Warp)

Daybre feat J Dilla -’Game Over’ (Ghostly International)
Aspect – ‘Ruthless’ (Friske remix) (Audio Decay)
Goldfinger – ‘Contact’ (2nd Drop)
Milanese vs Dizzie – ‘Caramel Cognac Fix’ (Dubplate)
Autechre – ‘Tankakern’ from the LP ‘Quaristice’ (Warp)
Enduser – ‘5 Interruption 4’ (Ohm Resistance Dubplate)
The Sound Dimension – ‘Real Rock’ (Soul Jazz)

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1 thought on “Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2008 01 30 with Harmonic 313”

  1. Cheers for this dude – it’s great to be able to listen to the Breezeblock on the way home from work! Keep up the good work!!!

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