Glassknife – Breakcore PLUR mix

Glassknife sent me his breakcore PLUR mix showing us that breakcore have a lot of rave elements. Check out his post on the mix here.
It contains a lot of great bangers!

Glassknife – Breakcore PLUR mix

Belladonakillz – iM cRaViNg FoR a RaViNg
Panacea-Chartbreaka (knifehandchop’s electric diva remix)
Knifehandchop – Used to be a raver
Shitmat – bloodclot jungle techno!!
Duran duran duran – tbi theme
Renegade android – absolute terror
Venetian Snares – Fuck a stranger in the ass
Rotator – Get so Excited
Piss tank – Punching (Mr. Perfect overdub by Glassknife)
Duran Duran Duran – Pill Driver
Cardiopusher – I’m going to rave up your ass like an accident
Fidel Villeneuve – Blood Clot heart attack
DJ Scud – Put up your lighters
Bong Ra – speed machine girl (parasite remix)
dev/null – fuck anyone who wasn’t into the stuff i’m into before I was

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