Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 09 14 with Calibre and Prefuse 73

Exclusive sets from Prefuse 73 and Calibre this week on Mary Anne Hobbs. No tracklist for the Prefuse 73 part.
One of my favorite tracks this week is Boxcutter – ‘Foxy’ (Planet Mu) (LP – Glyphic). Looking forward to the new album on Planet Mu!

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Mary Anne Hobbs with Calibre and Prefuse 73 [ download]


Neil Landstrumm – ‘Assassin Master’ (Planet Mu) (LP – Restaurant Of Assassins)
Vista – ‘Neptune’ (Dubplate)
Vaccine – ‘Atrium’ (Dubplate)
New Flesh – ‘Stick And Move’ (Big Dada) (LP – Well Deep: Ten Years Of Big Dada)
Commix – ‘Strictly’ (Metalheadz) (LP – Call To Mind)
Skream – ‘Hedd Case’ (Dubplate)
The Bug feat Killa P & Flowdan – ‘Skeng’ (Kode 9 re-mix) (Hyperdub)

Prefuse 73 Session

Boxcutter – ‘Foxy’ (Planet Mu) (LP – Glyphic)
Philip Quehenberger – ‘Varad’ (Editions Mego) (LP – Phantom In Paradise)
Envy & Medasyn – ‘Tongue Twister’ – (Dubplate)
Parson – ‘Throw Some D’s’ (Planet Mu)

Calibre Mix
Calibre – ‘Cold Blade’ (White)
Calibre – ‘Re-Entry’ (Signature)
Calibre – ‘Venus & Mars’ (Signature)
Calibre feat DRS – ‘Slums’ (White)
Calibre & St Files – ‘Stcal Roller’ (Signaature)
Calibre feat Gariman – ‘Peace Of Mind’ (Signature)
Calibre – ‘TV On’ (White)
Calibre – ‘Acrobat’ (Signature)
Calibre – ‘Free’ (White)
Calibre – ‘Idris’ (White)

Christ – ‘Chopper’ (Benbecula) (EP – ‘Bike’)
Prefuse 73 – ‘A Track He Left Behind As A Special Present’ (White)

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  1. hi i’ve been looking for Envy Tongue Twister for a coulple of days now, Cant seem to find it anywere, Ive tried downloading the file from the links above but still nothing my computer won’t accept it, If anyone could tell me WHY my computer isnt accepting it or if they could send me it via email/msn, it would be very appreciated, my email address is, Thats zero eight not ooo eight, thanks


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