GoatLab Radio November 2007 with Dan Gusset, Anarchist606 & special guest Dr Richard Wigglesworth

Check out the latest GoatLab radio with Dan Gusset, Anarchist606 and special guest Dr Richard Wigglesworth.

GoatLab Radio November 2007

1. Pitchshifter – Underachiever (Earache)
2. Richard Wigglesworth – Ethereal (unreleased)
3. Microphyst – Taking Chances with Oncoming Traffic (Proboscus)
4. Gusset – Maniac Gene Time (Death$ucker)
5. Richard Wigglesworth – Hampton Court (unreleased- but was on future music cd aug 2007!!!)
6. Rabbit Junk – Start the Riot (oops!! DHR cover on DTrash)
7. AFX – Cilonen From Analord (Rephlex 2005)
8. DHC Meinof – Revolution Action (DHR cover on DTrash)
9. Gusset’s slAYer MeGA miXXX!!!lol (feat. Doormouse, Duran Duran Duran, Atari Teenage Riot, John Williams, Slayer, Dokaka, Skimall)

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