Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 12 05 Bailey as guest host with Lomax

Mary Anne Hobbs is on holiday in New York so Bailey is stepping up as guest host. There is also an exclusive mix from Lomax. Get your drum&bass fix from this one.

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 12 05 Bailey and Lomax [Filesonic download]

Future Prophecies – ‘Untitled’ (Dubplate)
Lemon D – ‘Church Of Interplanetary Funk’ (Valve Dubplate)
Zero Tolerence – ‘Middle Men’ (Millmead Merk Dubplate)
Citizen Snipz – ‘Subwayz’ (School Of Scoundrels)
Steve Sicknote (aka Lynx) ft P Dub – ‘Landmines’ (Dubplate)
Alix Perez – ‘Doom’ (Dubplate)

Bailey in the Mix
Alix Perez – ‘Crooklyn’ (Soul:R Dubplate)
Dissident – ‘Universe Eat Universe’ (Subtle Audio Dubplate)
Subwave – ‘Think’ (Dubplate)
Lomax – ‘Flange’ (Co-Lab Dubplate)
John B – ‘Up All Night’ (Synth Pop Electro 80s VIP Mix) (Dubplate)
Goldie ft D Suade & RNR – ‘Change Is Gonna Come’ (Digital Soundboy Dubplate)

Benny Page – ‘Step Out’ (Dubplate)
Breakage – ‘Untitled’ (Dubplate)
Mr Lament (aka Redeyes) – ‘You’re Talkin Jazz’ (Dubplate)
Bhima – ‘Run Tune’ (Dubplate)
Goldie – ‘Truez String’ (Dubplate)

Lomax Mix
Strider – ‘Care No More’ (Dubplate)
Silent Witness – ‘Twin Town’ (Critical)
Spectrasoul – ‘Cascade’ (Dubplate)
Icicle – ‘Lost Hours’ (Critical)
Chase And Status – ‘Bionics’ (Dubplate)
Spectrasoul – ‘Flourescent’ (Dubplate)
Lomax – ‘Verrazano’ (Integral)
Lomax – ‘5 Weeks’ (Bingo)
Rogue Soul – ‘Be With You’ (Integral)

Nubian Minds – ‘Sellouts’ (Dubplate)
Martyn – ‘Suburbia’ (Apple Pip Dubplate)
A Guy Called Gerald – ‘Voodoo Jungle’ (Dubplate)
D Bridge ft Mpho – ‘Dream On’ (Exit)
Total Science ft Lamont – ‘Just A Little Bit’ (Blakai Remix) (Dubplate)
Hijak & Skream – ‘Retro’ (Cultured Beats)

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