Fanu + Mumdance – Solid Steel Show 2014-06-20

“Solid Steel (20th June) Fanu is our guest in Hour 1, an electronic music artist and DJ from Finland, who has been releasing music for many years,
plus remix duties that include Bill Laswell and our own Amon Tobin. In his own words;
“In addition to making/pushing/DJing broken beat music and running my label, Lightless, I’ve been working on loads of hip hop in the past 1.5 years, some of which will start to surface soon on Redefinition Records under my FatGyver alias. Hence, instead of going all electronic with the mix like I most often do, this time I wanted to go for the theme, “hip hop to D&B and back”. Hip hop and drum and bass used to have a lot in common, after all, and their aesthetics can be very similar.”
We welcome Mumdance in Hour 2 who has his ‘Take Time’ EP out now on Rinse. He had this to say about his mix;
“For my Solid Steel episode I wanted to make a weightless mix of drone, new age, dark ambient, shoegaze & experimental music. In my mind the prime listening situation is with headphones on, ideally looking out the window on any sort of transportation, or walking around on foot. Its music for travel. Over the hour it runs through a number of different emotions, arranged to let your mind drift as the scenery and sounds wash over you.””
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Fanu + Mumdance - Solid Steel Show 2014-06-20

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