FACT Mix 455 by Airhead

Fact Mag is at it again!!
“Like his music, Airhead’s FACT mix also gets pretty odd: it opens with a piece by electro-acoustic composer Richard Maxfield and continues with Arca and Daphne Oram, before Kassem Mosse and Bluntman Deejay drag it kicking and squealing towards the dancefloor. It never quite feels like it’s comfortable there, and Airhead’s not afraid to completely pull the floor out from under the listener, but once you’re in its world, you get the feeling that this is – as Untold might put it – rave music at its most fucked-up and fearless. No one ever said euphoria came easy.”
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FACT Mix 455 by Airhead [Uploaded.net download] [Oboom.com download]

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FACT Mix 455 by Airhead

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