Core News Sessions #2 – old and new classics selected by DJ WOO

The section here on Core News where I will present you exclusive mixes has been renamed to Core News Sessions due to that not everyone make pure mixes. If you are interested in doing a Core News Sessions or know someone who might want some extra exposure please use the contact form to get in touch.

Core News Sessions #2 is from DJ WOO (Myspace, Soundcloud). This time we get a more varied mix from WOO with styles like dubstep, IDM and darkstep. He has selected both new and old classics that he has mixed with a classic setup of two turntables. Recommended download and remember to check out his first mix for Core News.

DJ WOO playing

Core News Sessions #2 – old and new classics selected by DJ WOO by Core News on Mixcloud

1. Aphex Twin – Icct Hedral (Phillip Glass Orchestration) – Warp Records
2. Kryptic Minds/ Leon Switch – Minor Nine (remix) – Defcom Records
3. LFO – Ultra Schall – Warp Records
4. Move D – Cymbelin – Warp Records
5. Pinch & Moving Ninja – False Flag (Kryptic Minds remix) – Tectonic
6. Misk – Headcase – Terminal Dusk Records
7. Scorn – Super Mantis (Threnody remix) – Combat Recordings
8. Compound One – Bad Magic – Compound One Records
9. Mark One – Too Hard – Rephlex
10. Gunjack – Bruckshut`s Revenge – Consume
11. Reso – Otacon – Civil Music
12. Unknown – Bad Organs – Hate
13. Blame – Piano Takes You – Moving Shadow
14. Kriptic Minds – The Weeping – Disfigured Dubz
15. Droid Sector – Bipolar – Ascension
16. Sully – Flash Back – Urban Graffiti
17. 16Bit – The Tale Of The Exploding Fist – Southside Dubstars
18. Broken Note – Crux – Ad Noiseam
19. Inner City – Ahnonghay (Dave Clarke remix) – Six6 Records
20. Shitmat – Fairy Green Liquid – Planet Mu Records

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2 thoughts on “Core News Sessions #2 – old and new classics selected by DJ WOO”

  1. Love your blog. I listen to all the Mary Ann Hobbs and Gilles Peterson shows from here.

    I know you heard about the Flying Lotus Cosmogramma pre-order live radio broadcast today. If you come across an mp3 of that broadcast, I’d love to get a hold of it. I was at work all day so I haven’t been able to listen or celebrate 4:20 properly.


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