Core News Mix #1 – DJ WOO darkstep mix

Getting exclusive mixes for Core News has been a goal for me in 2010 and now I can proudly present the first ever Core News Mix. The guy who kicks things off is DJ WOO (Myspace, Soundcloud) from Bergen, Norway. I first heard him when Kid 606 played in Bergen where WOO played at the same gig. I had to thank him for playing my favorite tune at the moment: Aaron Spectre – Look out fi liar. Over the years I’ve seen him several times in Oslo where he plays some amazing sets that get the dancefloor moving like mad.

For Core News he has made a hard hitting darkstep mix with tons of bangers. WOO has also promised to make a dubstep mix for this blog so stay tuned for more good WOO selections.


1. Acen – Window In The Sky (Kingdom Of Light) – Production House
2. Chaos + Julia Set – First Generation (The Original Raw Lab Mix) – Universal Language
3. Boymerang – Urban Space – Prototype
4. Breakage – Clarendon – Digital Soundboy
5. SPL – It Will Be Different – Lost Soul Recordings
6. Limewax – Bathwater – L/B Recordings
7. Donny – They Find Me – Barcode Recordings
8. Limewax – Casino – Position Chrome
9. Evol Intent & Eye-D – Time War – Evol Intent Recordings
10. Misanthrop – Me – Subtitles Music
11. Limewax – Cracking Core (Tech Itch VIP) – Penetration
12. Break – Is This What You Want VIP – Symmetry Recordings
13. DJ Hidden – Grim Noire – Bug Klinik Records
14. SPL – Run From The Feeling – Lost Soul Recordings
15. Panacea – Burning Like Fire – Position Chrome
16. Enduser – One Two – Hymen Records
17. Dom & Optical – Quadrant 6 – Moving Shadow

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