A.L.F. – Stockholm syndrom orchestra – free experimental electro breakcore release

A.L.F. is out with a new album on blind rec. It is called Stockholm syndrom orchestra and is a bit of experimental, breakcore stuff (a bit hard to classify this kind of music, not that it matters). It is released both as vinyl and free mp3, but I haven’t figured out where you can buy the vinyl. Cool stuff!
Thanks to Ramses for sending me an email about this release.
Oh yeah, happy new year to everyone!

A.L.F. – Stockholm syndrom orchestra

A.L.F. - Stockholm syndrom orchestra
01_analogue suggestion
02_15 days before
03_band sequence
04_philharmonik industry
05_the princess like to be on link
06_we need a psychologist for the conductor
07_polymorphic tragedy
08_the taken hostage orchestra
09_brass band valley
10_soldier ready for the war

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