Myrkur – F.4.T. Music Mix02 Promo – dubstep and ambient mix

Here is a pretty sweet dubstep / ambient mix from a Dutch called Myrkur. Love that he mixes different styles together and especially that he is using a tune from Biosphere in the mix. Biosphere comes from Tromsø, a town in Northern Norway where I lived for 8-9 years, and he makes the most wonderful ambient music.

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Myrkur – F.4.T. Music Mix02 Promo

01.Sigur Rós – Réfur (FatCat)
02.Burial – In McDonalds (Hyperdub)
03.Sanakthe – Snippet (Dub)
04.EVS – DT08 (Dub)
05.Myrkur – Skttrbrain (F.4.T. Music)
06.Toasty – Like Sun (HotFlush)
07.Biosphere – Antennaria (Touch)
08.Faib – Invisible Light (Dub)
09.Intex Systems – The Depths (Vaccine)
10.Distance – Delight (Planet Mu)
11.Burial – Night Bus (Hyperdub)
12.Peverelist – Erstwhile Rhythm
13.Myrkur & Nika – Lament (Dub)
14.Luke Envoy & Headhunter – Trapdoor (Dub)
15.Ital Tek – Cyclical (Planet Mu)
16.Vaccine – Anaesthetic (HotFlush)
17.The Album Leaf – Twenty Two Fourteen (Sub Pop)

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