Top ten most popular DJ mixes/sets on Core News for September 2023

September was a harsh month for Core News due to heavy illness and hospitalization for most of the month. Nevertheless, we were able to put out some shows and below you can find a list of the 10 most popular mixes on Core News in September 2023.
Core News is now back in action. Are we missing some shows on the site? Please use the Music Requests page to make our selection even better.

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  1. Massano – Essential Mix 2023-09-23
  2. Cillian Murphy’s Limited Edition – Series 3 2023-09-17 Episode 1
  3. CamelPhat – Essential Mix 2023-09-16
  4. Black Coffee – Essential Mix 2023-04-29 live at Printworks
  5. Gilles Peterson 2023-08-26
  6. Benji B 2023-08-09 Giving Tyler, The Creator His Flowers
  7. Mura Masa – Essential Mix 2023-09-09
  8. Eats Everything – Essential Mix 2023-09-02
  9. Ben Liebrand – Grandmix 2022 2022-12-31
  10. Benji B 2023-09-20 James Blake in 3 Records + Atmos Blaq guest mix
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