Top ten most popular DJ mixes/sets on Core News for October 2022

Here are the top ten most popular DJ mixes on Core News that got most views in October 2022.

Gilles Peterson and the Essential Mix dominating this week with a really old show from Zane Lowe tossing it up. Did you have a favorite DJ mix for October?

  1. Antal – Essential Mix 2022-10-15
  2. Dubfire – Essential Mix 2022-10-08
  3. Ben Hemsley – Essential Mix 2022-10-01
  4. Gilles Peterson 2022-10-01 with Tara Lily, Black Thought & Nok Cultural Ensemble
  5. Dave Clarke at ADE 2015 – Essential Mix 2022-10-23 [repost – classic essential mix]
  6. Zane Lowe 2011-02-09 James Blake in session
  7. Helena Hauff – Residency 2022-10-06 Electro
  8. East End Dubs – Essential Mix 2022-10-29
  9. Gilles Peterson 2022-10-08 Joining the musical dots: Maya Delilah & Conor Albert
  10. Gilles Peterson – Brownswood Basement on Worldwide FM 2022-10-20 with Chris Bangs & Elsewhere Sonido

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