Top ten most popular DJ mixes/sets on Core News for November 2022

Here are the top ten most popular DJ mixes on Core News that got most views in November 2022.

Good old Gilles P dominating the chart this month!

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  1. Bou – Essential Mix 2022-11-05
  2. Gilles Peterson’s Brasileiro World Cup Mix 2014 – Essential Mix 2022-11-20 [repost – classic essential mix]
  3. Scratchclart (aka Scratcha DVA) – Essential Mix 2022-11-12
  4. Honey Dijon – Essential Mix 2022-11-19
  5. Kid Fonque (Episode #9) – Defected Broadcasting House Show 2022-10-09
  6. Theo Parrish on NTS Radio 2022-10-30
  7. Gilles Peterson 2022-11-05 with Saul Williams
  8. Gilles Peterson – Jazz Jukebox on Worldwide FM 2022-10-30
  9. Gilles Peterson 2022-11-12 Joining The Musical Dots: Erykah Badu, Jeff Parker
  10. Barry Can’t Swim live at Mixmag The Lab London 2022-11-04
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