Top ten most popular DJ mixes/sets on Core News for March 2022

Here are the top ten most popular DJ mixes on Core News that got most views in March 2022.

The Essential Mix and Gilles dominating the list this month as well with the odd Ben Liebrand and Mary Anne Hobbs show in the mix.

  1. Soichi Terada – Essential Mix 2022-03-05
  2. Diplo – Essential Mix 2022-03-19
  3. Ben Liebrand – Grandmix 2021 2021-12-31
  4. Gilles Peterson 2022-03-12
  5. Jennifer Cardini – Essential Mix 2022-02-26
  6. Pete Tong 2022-03-18 Hot Mix from Jimi Jules
  7. HVOB – Essential Mix 2022-03-26
  8. Mary Anne Hobbs 2022-03-11 Jamie XX live festival mix
  9. Gilles Peterson 2022-03-19 Joining The Musical Dots: Enji
  10. Gilles Peterson Worldwide Show on radio FM4 2022-03-12

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