Top ten most popular DJ mixes/sets on Core News for January 2022

Here are the top ten most popular DJ mixes on Core News that got most views in January 2022.

The Essential Mix, Benji and Gilles dominating the list, but nice to see that a Mary Anne Hobbs shows is making an appearance and that Ben Liebrand mixes are popular around a new year.

  1. Ben Liebrand – Grandmix 2021 2021-12-31
  2. Tim Reaper – Essential Mix 2022-01-14
  3. Benji B 2022-01-26 Tyler the Creator’s Score for Virgil Abloh + Overmono In 3 Records & Kitty Amor guest mix
  4. Elkka – Essential Mix 2021-11-13
  5. Mary Anne Hobbs 2022-01-21 Blawan with The Friday Guest Mix
  6. Gilles Peterson 2022-01-22 Joining The Musical Dots: Elza Soares Tribute, Chelsea Carmichael, Winter Jazz Festival
  7. Gilles Peterson Worldwide Show on radio FM4 2022-01-22
  8. Ben Liebrand – Grandmix 2020 2020-12-31
  9. François K: World of Echoes on Worldwide FM 2022-01-14
  10. Gilles Peterson 2022-01-01 Joining The Musical Dots: Review Of 2021

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