Tom Ravenscroft on BBC 6 Music 2010-10-29 with DJ Rupture

Here is a really interesting show that a reader tipped me about! This radio show on BBC 6 Music is hosted by Tom Ravenscroft who is non other than the son of the late and famous Radio 1 DJ John Peel. As his father Tom seems to have really good music taste.
“The show features a 20 minute guest mix from New York based DJ and Producer DJ Rupture. Tom will play a track that a listener found in a charity shop in the aptly titled ‘Charity Shop Drop’. He’ll also chat to a listener about their choices for the ‘Tom Capsule’ where they pick a year and play 2 tracks of their choosing from the capsule.”

Tom Ravenscroft on BBC 6 Music 2010-10-29 with DJ Rupture [Hotfile download]

Zombie-Zombie — Halloween Main Theme – Versatile Records
Mujeres — Delirium – Sones
Surgeon — First – Basic Tonal Vocabulary, Tresor
Panda Bear — Tomboy – Paw Tracks
John Wesley Coleman III — Oh Basketball – Goner
Jneiro Jarel — Castaju Cajunea – Fauna, Kindred Spirits
Let’s Wrestle — Crushing Nerves – Tough Love
Pachanga Maria — Os Bongos – Angola Soundtrack, Analog Africa, 5
Robert Koch — Verbal Bruises (Feat. Portable Morla) – Songs For Trees And Cyborgs, Project Mooncircle
Anika — I Go To Sleep – Anika, Stone Throw
Tyvek — Outer Limits – In The Red

Raymond Boisserie — Chevaliers De La Table Ronde

Girl Unit — Wut – Night Slugs
Prison — Black Heart – cmrtyz / physic lunch
Avey Tare — 3 Umbrellas – Down There, Paw Tracks
Eliphino — I Just Can’t – Somethink Sounds
Hate Forest — To The Thickets And Swamps – The Most Ancient Ones, Osmose Productions

Bark Psychosis — Big Shot – Circa

Link — Arcadian – Warp

Horsepower Productions — Exercising (Lee Perry) – TEMPA
Sore Eros — Just A Cloud – Know Touching, Agitated, 6

Kelly Rowland — Like This
Gucci Mane — She Geeked
Timeblind — Ontological Ground of Being
Gil Scott-Heron — New York Is Killing Me
King Abid — Yezz mel Viss
DJ Orion — The Undertown
Toy Selectah — Compay
Nettle — Assaiya Violin Shining
Rita Indiana — Los Poderes – Kingdom remix
Los Vlamers — Cumbia del Monte
DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, and Chief Boima — Elegy for Mr Peach

Frankie Rose and the Outs — Girlfriend Island – 1
Spektrum — Avant Futura – Habit
The Scottish Enlightenment — The First Will Be Last – St. Thomas, Armellodie, 7
Ken Boothe — Get Close To You – Freedom Street, Trojan Records
Kingdom — Fogs – Night Slugs
Brian McBride — Girl Nap – KRANKY
Dan Friel — Ghost Town Pt 1 – Important Records
Ghost Mutt — Thoroughbred – Donky Pitch
Dosh — Bury The Ghost – Anticon
Peter Wolf — Ghost Sandals (LIve) – The Ivori Palms, Whiskey And Apples
Outer Mind — Until You’re Dead – HoZac Records
Orchestre Combo Zombi et Michel Yéyé — Mussieu A Tet’a Poisson La – Tumbele, Soundway
Cha Cha Cohen — Spook On The Highlawn – CHEMIKAL UNDERGROUND

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