Tom Ravenscroft 2021-08-20 The Ravers Hour with Audiobooks

“An exclusive 30 minute mix from London based duo Audiobooks followed by a 30 minute mix from Tom himself. They release their 2nd album Astro Tough in October.
Audiobooks are the duo of Evangeline Ling and David Wrench. They met at a party, Evangeline invited herself round to see the studio David was building, and the project developed from there. They released their debut album ‘Now! (in a minute)’ in 2018. While that first record emerged from off the cuff, experimental sessions, they’ve not left a stone unturned on the new album ‘Astro Tough’: “The first record was almost entirely first take, it was all improvised,” says Wrench. “This time we’d do that, then go back and refine it, take longer to work out parts, go back and redo some vocals. Anything that bugged us, we went back and ironed it out.””
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