Theo Kottis – HÖR Berlin 2023-07-17

Theo Kottis is a Scottish DJ, producer, and musician known for his diverse and innovative approach to electronic music. Hailing from Edinburgh, Theo Kottis has made a significant impact in the global dance music scene with his distinct blend of house, techno, and disco influences. His tracks are characterized by their infectious grooves, emotive melodies, and attention to detail, showcasing his talent for creating atmospheric and immersive soundscapes. Kottis has released music on renowned labels such as Anjunadeep and Moda Black, and has received widespread acclaim for his remixes and original productions. As a DJ, he has performed at prestigious clubs and festivals, delivering dynamic and captivating sets that keep the dance floor moving. With his versatile and forward-thinking approach to music, Theo Kottis continues to push boundaries and establish himself as a rising star in the electronic music world.

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