Rob Da Bank on Worldwide FM 2021-08-01 with Sami Fitz

“Get horizontal and float downstream every Sunday evening with Rob da Bank. This week, Rob Da Bank is joined by the multitalented DJ, producer, singer and gong meditation artist
“Over the last few months, as we’ve been in and out of lockdowns and isolations, I’ve been thinking about hope. Where does it come from? How do we build it? How does it keep us going? I’ve also been thinking about how important it is to notice where we place our hope. Is it in the right things? And in the right people for us? Do we place enough hope in ourselves? Our loved ones? Our societies?
We have the ability to make these choices everyday – we have the chance to manage hope in ways that are constructive and not constructive. Hope comes as a feeling but it’s up to you on how you interact with it. These are a few songs that explore those connections.””
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