Mary Lattimore

Mary Anne Hobbs 2016-05-07 with Mary Lattimore

“Philadelphia musician Mary Lattimore celebrates the harp with Mary Anne Hobbs!
After being awarded a Pew Fellowship in 2014, Lattimore travelled up and down the coast of Southern California with her 47-string harp to record her latest album, At The Dam.
She told press that, “I would wheel the harp out on to the porch of my friend Chiara’s little house and I had the whole desert around me. It felt like a residency on another planet.”
Lattimore has previously recorded three other albums (The Withdrawing Room, Slant Of Light, Luciferin Light) and has collaborated with artists including Sharon Van Etten, Arcade Fire, Thurston Moore and Kurt Vile.
This morning, Mary Anne finds out more about Lattimore’s relationship with her instrument, and why she feels so drawn to it when creating music…”
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