Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 07 01 Jack Sparrow, PUDGE and Shortstuff

A bit late (warm weather and work taking a lot of time) but here is the latest Mary Anne Hobbs show with mixes from Jack Sparrow, PUDGE and Shortstuff. Also an early Michael Jackson demo in tribute to the King of Pop.
Hotfile download up for now and Rapidshare will be added later today (hopefully).

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 07 01 Jack Sparrow, PUDGE and Shortstuff [Hotfile download]

Naptha – ‘Soundclash 1’ [Grievous Angel VIP] (Keysound)
Cessa – ‘Liquidate’ (Dubplate)
Debruit – ‘Soles Sweat’ [Reso mix] (Dubplate)
Blixaboy – ‘Ice Eyes’ from the EP ‘Me and MY C128D’ (White Label)
Falty DL – ‘Party’ (Ramp)
Jungle Drums feat Ahu – ‘Walk’ [Mr Beatnik remix] (We Ain’t Music)
Blue Daisy – ‘Shade 003 (Baby Blue)’ from the EP ‘Music Of The Colour Blue’ (Dubplate)
Mark Pritchard feat Om’mas Keith – ‘Wind It Up’ (Hyperdub)
Clubroot – ‘The Time Is Now’ Dark Bass mix (White Label)
Breakage – ‘Higher’ (Dubplate)
King Cannibal feat Daddy Freddy – ‘Dirt’ (Ninja Tune)
Untold – ‘Just For You’ (Hotflush)

Jack Sparrow in the Mix
Jack Sparrow – ‘Sniven’
DJ Pinch – ‘Get Up’ Feat Yolanda [J.Sparrow Rmx]
Headhunter – ‘Experience’
Jack Sparrow – ‘Terminal’
Jack Sparrow – ‘The Chase’

PUDGE in the Mix
Radiohead/Pudge – ‘MotionPudgetureSountrack’
PUDGE – ‘Vengetables’
PUDGE – ‘ExpandingHand’
DevPudge prod. PUDGE raps – ‘GetRight2day’
PUDGE – ‘BlackRose’
PUDGE – ‘LoverlyDay’
PUDGE – ‘AwaaayWeGo’
PUDGE – ‘SigNature’
PUDGE – ‘OffTheWallz’
PUDGE – ‘UV The Universe’

Shortstuff in the Mix
Shortstuff – ‘Mrs Moog’ (White)
Shortstuff & Hyetal – ‘Don’t Sleep’ (White)
Shortstuff – ‘See Ya’ (White)
Martin Kemp – ‘No Charisma’ (Blunted Robots)
Shortstuff – ‘A Rustling’ (Ramp)
Shortstuff – ‘Stuff’ (Ramp)
Shortstuff – ‘Behave’ (White)
Shortstuff & Geiom – ‘No Hand Signals’ (White)
Shortstuff & Hyetal – ‘Ice Cream’ (White)
Shortstuff – ‘Regression’ (Forthcoming Wigflex)

Clark – ‘Outside Plume’ from the LP ‘Totems Flare’ (Warp)
Optikatechniqua – ‘Settle For Fiction’ from the LP ‘Sinister Dub’ (Alternative Blueprint)
Teebs – ‘Burner’ (Dubplate)
Michael Jackson – ‘Day & Night’ (Demo)
Dr Stangeloop – ‘Are We The Lost Mammals Of An Approaching Transcendental Epoch?’ (Brainfeeder)