Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 03 11 Boxcutter, Jega and Clubroot

On Mary Anne Hobbs show this week we get two mixes from some of my favorite artists, Boxcutter and Jega. There is also a mix from Clubroot, an artist that I’m not familiar with.
Except glitchy IDM/dubstep music.

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Mary Anne Hobbs – 2009 03 11 Boxcutter, Jega and Clubroot [Rapidshare download]

The Beastie Boys – ‘Shake Your Rump’ from the ‘Paul’s Boutique’ 20th Anniversary Edition (Capitol)
Dot – ‘MX4’ (Imminent dub)
Shuanise – ‘Masudasante Naima’ (Elgo)
Pendle Covern – ‘Uncivil Engineering’ [CALM mix] from the LP ‘Self Assessment'(Modern Love)
Kode 9 – ‘2 Far Gone’ (Hyperdub)
Sarantis & DeVille feat Sunkilla – ‘Boom’ from the compilation LP ‘Vocals &Versions’ (Senseless)
P.U.D.G.E – ‘Yung Infamous’ (Dubplate)
Bahwee – ‘Peach Flavoured’ (Dubplate)
Matthew David & OBA – ‘Room Thumper’ (Dubplate)
Floating Points – ‘Esthian Three’ (Burnt Progress)

Boxcutter in the Mix
Boxcutter – ‘Arcadia 202’
Boxcutter – ‘Arecibo Message’
Boxcutter – ‘Sidereal Day’
Boxcutter – ‘Earth is my Spaceship’ [Otherside Remix]
Boxcutter – ‘Sidetrak’
Boxcutter – ‘Untitled’ Featuring Brian Greene
Boxcutter – ‘Arecibo Reply 1’
Boxcutter – ‘Kab 28’
Boxcutter – ‘A Cosmic Parent’

Clubroot in the Mix
Clubroot – ‘Orbiting’ (Dubplate)
Clubroot – ‘Lucid Dream’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Nexus’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Talisman’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Sempiternal’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Embryo’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Birth Interlude’ (Lodubs)
Clubroot – ‘Toe to Toe’ (Dubplate)

Jega in the Mix
Jega – ‘The Girl Who Fell To Earth’
Jega – ‘Moment’
Jega – ‘SoulFlute’
Jega – ‘Sakura’
Jega – ‘Dreams’
Jega – ‘Antiphon’
Jega – ‘7-Cascade Decoherence’

Omar Rodriguez Lopez – ‘Trilateral Commission As Diner Guests’ from the LP ‘Old
Money’ (Stones Thow)
False – ‘Field Left’ from the ‘Love Letters EP’ (M_Mus)

Headz Up: Chosen by Chris in Arizona, USA
VibeSquad – ‘Gauntlets’ (Dubplate)

Sound Species feat Ahu – ‘Can We Call It Love’ (Burnt Progress)
Robot Koch – ‘Serve’ (Dubplate)
Skru – ‘8289 8289’ (Dubplate)

Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 10 05 with Boxcutter

This weeks Mary Anne Hobbs rocks with the Boxcutter mix as the highlight! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new album from Boxcutter, entitled Glyphic, that is due out October 29th.
My other faves from the show are The Gasman – ‘Molten’ (Planet Mu) (LP – Audio Gold) and 2562 – ‘Channel Two’ (Tectonic).

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Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2007 10 05 with Boxcutter [ download]

Geeneus – ‘Star Buck’ (Dubplate Drama / Rinse) (LP – Dubstep Drama)
Najem Sworb – ‘ Not Only’ (Ai) (EP – Hydrocarbon EP)
Terror Danjah & Durrty Goodz – ‘Reloadz’ (Aftershock)
Hecq – ‘0004’ (Hymen)

Pinch – ‘Widescreen’ (Tectonic) (LP – Underwater Dancehall)

Supreme Team – ‘See (Suite)’ (Stones Throw) (LP – Peanut Butter Wolf presents 2k8: B-Ball Zombie War)

The Download
Daftar – ‘Osaka-O’ (White)

OQTO – ‘Aloma Saloma’ (Dubplate)

Benga – ’26 Basslines’ (Tempa) (LP – Diary Of An Afro Warrior)

Skepta ft Trigga – ‘In A Corner’ (Boy Better Know) (LP – Greatest Hits)
Trentmoller – ‘Vamp’ (Automatique) (LP – The Trentmoller Chronicles)
Gescom – ‘C2’ (Skam) (EP – A1-D1)

Boxcutter mix

Oner Ozer – ‘Sahara’ (Vakant)
Luke Skywalker – ‘ Jabba’ (Dubplate)
The Gasman – ‘Molten’ (Planet Mu) (LP – Audio Gold)
U-ziq – ‘Old And Tired’ (Planet Mu) (LP – Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Division Technique)
Swayzak – ‘Smile & Receive’ (Aparrat mix) (K7!)
2562 – ‘Channel Two’ (Tectonic)
Herd – ‘Tangents 1-4’ (Demo)

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