Status for Core News – take two

Hi all

First of, thanks for all the great support and feedback!

Even though I was gutted when Filesonic blew up, it has been weird for me to not be posting on Core News since the break, and I have to admit that lately I have been missing the blog.
So now I have decided to do a bit of posting, but in a smaller scale that are not so time consuming, and focus more on the music that I enjoy.

Right now I’m trying out Depositfiles as file host. It is not an ideal solution, and I might change if I find a better host. And who knows how long the hosts last these days…

Hopefully some of you readers will come back and enjoy the music we love 🙂

-Thomas of Core News

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11 thoughts on “Status for Core News – take two”

  1. I was away for a while, knew in the meantime about the MU and other host problems.

    Good to hear that you haven’t stopped.
    Please continue posting. May I suggest RS besides Depositfiles.

  2. Tremendous news, Thomas! We’ve missed you, Brother! 😀
    Like most who visit Core News, your site is bookmarked and one I have visited daily for years. This filehost fiasco is awful news, but our love of great music will never die! 😀
    Don’t put extra pressure on yourself. The work you put in and the service you provide here is immeasurable and very much appreciated by all of us! Kudos to you for keeping the flame alive! Take care. 🙂

  3. Much kudos for sticking with these ‘essential selections’ if it wasn’t for the access to some of these shows I wouldn’t buy the music I buy. Keep on posting those Giles shows and I’ll be a happy man forever. Thanks.

  4. Awesome news man,
    can you give us update status of the (IMO best underground radio) shows? SHows like Alex Nut, Numbers/Hyperdub/SBTRKT Hessle, et all.

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