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Soundgine vs Airbit

9 March, 2018 (08:16) | Electronic music | By: Core News

Reason #1
Converts better. More Sales

Honestly, this is all the reason I use the beat player especially the new Hydra player they just released. The built in forms on the player allow my customers to send me custom beat requests that include a desired budget. I get most of my sales off custom made beats so when Soundgine added this to the beat player I was excited. Sure enough, in a span of 3 weeks I accumulated 4 custom requests and earned a little over 3k. The beat player has other tools that help like memory saved favorites that I’m sure helped. The newest feature allows you to create subscription plans for your customers. Now in addition to instant sales, I get monthly recurring payments. Airbit and Beatstars simply couldn’t compete with beat sales and I tested all platforms for close to 1 year. I advertised on Facebook, Instagram and natural Google traffic to all these players and the conversions favored Soundgine literally every month.

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Reason #2
Actively Updating
I see Soundgine doing work. I think I have several paid services to run my business and a few of them are happy to take your money and remain stale, Soundgine is not one of them. Since I’ve been with them (2016) they improved almost every aspect of the service making it streamlined and powerful and sure enough, they have a very strong 2018.

Reason #3
Power to the Producer
Talking to Marcus (Soundgine VP) on the phone he said and I quote, “The goal is to keep improving and developing tools and features and increase the bottom line for our customers, …..sales.” After telling me that, he backed it by explaining all the new features and how producers were earning more. Hung up the phone thinking to myself, “They get it”. This is similar to investing your money in stock and hoping it “works” for you. You can rest assure that Soundgine will always improve and innovate ways to sell your beats online.

Reason #4
Beat Market
I read somewhere that Soundgine is closely connected with record companies and entertainment industries, but this wasn’t why I signed up with Soundgine. I suppose it’s because they reside in the heart the entertainment mecca, Los Angeles, California. Big names go to the charts and choose from the beat market, now I only landed 1 gig in 2 years but it was a big one. I got an email from PepsiCo about using a beat of mine is a Gatorade web promo. They mentioned they found me in the Soundgine charts and it was on from there. This of course paid well, but bigger than that it opened new doors for me.

Reason #5
Product is one thing, but I’m only down with companies that handle their business and don’t play corporate politics or degrade other services. I constantly see Soundgine’s competitors run some shady schemes in order to downplay the service they provide, and yet Soundgine ignores it and continues to make the best beat platform on the market. This is the kind of mentality I invest in, I cringe when I’m somehow associated to a company spreading hate and negativity.

Reason #6
Soundgine Doesn’t Nickle & Dime
I’ve made good money with Soundgine, and interesting enough, a lot of it is from the beat market. Other beat stores take a commision if you sell on their market, Soundgine doesn’t. I did the math the other day and during my 2 year service I saved close to $600. It may not sound like a lot of money but imagine losing $600 one day, that would hurt. You keep 100% profit across the board.

Reason #7
They Care About Your Input
One day I had a suggestion for the beat store, 3 days later it was added. Now I’m sure they don’t just every idea to the player, that would be crazy but this showed me that they actually listen to their customers.

Hopefully this helps anybody that wants an opinion from somebody that has tried every major beat selling service.


Cory Higgins
TVT ent.