Soul Summit – Resident Advisor podcast #918 2024-01-08

“Soul Summit is a New York institution. The DJ trio have been putting on a summer festival in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene park for well over a decade now, and those gatherings have become a yearly house music pilgrimage for fans from all over the Five Boroughs. The party embodies the ethos of house music: free for everyone, open to families both blood and chosen, a place where everyone is welcome to groove (or just relax) to uplifting, old-school dance music with inspiring lyrics and bumping basslines.
Sadiq Bellamy, Tabu and Jeff Mendoza have created something truly special, and more and more lately, they’ve been spreading their gospel outside the park, too. They’ve become residents at Nowadays, where this RA Podcast was recorded as part of a Mister Sunday party. It was also released as part of the Mister Saturday Night’s cassette box set to celebrate the party’s 15th birthday. This one features an hour of the cassette’s 90-minute runtime, plus an additional 20 minutes only available here. It captures this trio at their soulful best, letting vocal tracks play out long and leisurely with expert blends and gentle transitions. The feelings of warmth, love and welcome land with every kick drum and flow through every bassline.”
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